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Kentucky Pioneers Makes Research Easier for Genealogists #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneers

Kentucky Pioneers Makes Research Easier for Genealogists

A thorough search of the Kentucky Wills and Estates disclosed that few records were indexed.  To locate the ancestors in Kentucky, one must search page-by-page.  Well, Kentucky has made it a project to scan every page and properly index the records for easy viewing on the site.  If you did not find the ancestors previously, you might find them now!  Use THIS INDEX
to learn if your ancestors are in a particular county, then become a member of the website to view the records.  It is that easy!

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Names of Georgia Ancestors - - - > Henry County

Henry County Wills, Estates, Marriages

Locust Grove, Georgia

When tracing ancestors in Henry County, it is important to remember that this was the parent county for DeKalb and Fulton Counties. Therefore, those persons who drew in the 1821 Land Lottery may have gotten land as far North as Atlanta. The important thing to check for is the District and Land Lot Number as this will help narrow it down. Suffice it to say that in the days of Marthasville, people probably neglected to travel to McDonough to file their deeds, wills and other records. It is therefore prudent to also examine DeKalb, Rockdale and Fulton Counties for additional clues. Henry County was created in 1821 from Dooly, Houston, Monroe and Fayette Counties. It once comprised the City of Atlanta, then Marthasville, which is now known as Underground Atlanta, thus an inspection of the early land grants issued during the 1820's for Henry County also include today's Fulton County. Henry County's first superior court met on June 10, 1822 at the house of William Ruff. The first courthouse was built in 1823 on the town square of McDonough, but it burned soon thereafter. About 1831, a new brick courthouse was built in the public square, which served until the current three-story brick courthouse was built in 1897. The new courthouse was built across the street facing the public square, which became a park with a tall Confederate monument erected in the center. The courthouse was restored and renovated in 1980-81. In 2000, construction began on a new annex adjacent to the current courthouse.

Henry County Probate Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Online Images of Original Wills and Bonds 1822 to 1834

Testators: Arnold, orphans; Baily, orphans; Barber, Margaret; Barber, William; Barnes, Willis, bond; Barr, John, LWT; Beard, Robert, LWT; Belch, orphans; Bentley, Jesse, LWT; Bishop, Ephraim, LWT; Bledsoe, orphans; Bowden, Jesse, LWT; Bussey, orphans; Chapman, Britton; Cleveland, Andrew (estate); Collier, orphan; Crawford, William, LWT; Crayton, Thomas; Credille, orphans; Crumley, Anthony; Curd, Richard; Davis, Abner; Elliott, Elizabeth, bond; Fletcher, James, bond; Foster, John; Fowler, Solomon, bond; Freeman, Abraham; Garner, Elizabeth Watts ; Garner, John; Garner, William, bond; Glenn, Thomas; Gollman, John; Gray, Samuel; Hand, Joseph, LWT; Harlin, orphans; Harp, William; Hay, orphans; Hearn, Elisha, bond; Heflin, Wiley, LWT; Hendrick, Hugh; Hudman, John (estate); Johnson, Isaac; Key, Joseph; Key, Joseph, bond 
. . . more . . .

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Names of SC Ancestors - - - > Williamsburg County

Williamsburg County South Carolina Wills and Estates

Williamsburg Court House

In 1730 Governor Robert Johnson was ordered by King George to develop the back country of the Carolina Province. The townships were to consist of 20,000 acres. The township was named after William of Orange. The first settlement was in 1732 when a colony of forty Scots-Irish led by Roger Gordon came up the river by boat and settled the region. Early Settlers: John Witherspoon, Patrick Cormack, William James Cooper, George Burrows and Samuel Bradshaw.

Williamsburg, South Carolina Wills Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

Transcripts of Williamsburg County Will Book A (1802-1820)

Testators: Barr, James, Sr. | Barrineau, Isaac | Benton, Moses | Benton, Robert | Bostwick, Jonathan | Bradley, James | Bradley, Mary | Bradshaw, Samuel | Buford, William | Buford, William | Burdick, Eliphalet | Burgess, James | Burgess, John | Burrows, George | Calhoon, Jesse | Campbell, Rebecca | Campbell, William | Clark, Alexander | Coachman, Joseph | Coleman, Jacob | Connor, John | Cooper, William | Durant, Benjamin | Dickey, Catherine | Eaddy, James | Ervin, J. | Ervin, Joseph | Ewit, Eliphaleth | Fleming, John | Gamble, Robert | Gibson, Ebenezer | Gibson, John | Glass, Alexander | Gotea, John | Gowdy, James | Graham, Hugh | Graham, John, Dr. | Hamilton, Margaret | Hawthorn, George | Heaselden, Samuel | Hickson, John | Howard, Edward | James, Gavin | James, Jane | Jaudon, Paul | Jones, Samuel | Keels, John | Kelty, John | Leger, John | Lowry, John | Matthews, Isaac | McBride, James | McClam, Solomon | McCollister, John | McConnell, George | McConnell, James | McCormick, Patrick | McCrea, Thomas | McDonald, William | McElroy, William | McIlveen, William | McKee, Elizabeth | McKee, Joseph | McMurray, John | Michau, Paul Sr. | Moore, William | Mouzon, Susanna | Mouzon, Suzannah | Nesmith, Samuel | Owens, Lucy | Owens, Stephen | Paisley, Hannah | Patterson, Jannet | Presley, John | Price, Henry | Rhoddus, Solomon | Rogers, Thomas | Scott, Jennett | Scott, John | Smith, Abner | Snowdon, Samuel | Stretch, Mary | Strong, Samuel | Turner, Benjamin | Walsh, Francis | Watson, Andrew | Watson, Sarah | Wilson, Samuel | Wilson, Samuel Sr. | Witherspoon, Elizabeth | Witherspoon, Gavin | Witherspoon, Robert | Zuill, James

Transcript of Williamsburg County Will Book B (1827-1840)

Testators: Barr, George | Barr, Jane Sr. | Barrett, Agness | Bennett, Henry | Bennett, Robert | 
. . . more . . .

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Names of Kentucky Ancestors - - - > Boone County #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Boone County Wills, Inventories, Estates and Probate Records

BurlingtonBoone County was founded in 1798 and named after Daniel Boone. The county seat is Burlington, Kentucky. The court house records begin in 1800 and contain a complete record of old wills, estates, inventories, guardianships and other miscellaneous estate items all bundled together in the same book. In other words, when you research these books, detailed account of the estate usually follows the last will and testament up until the time that it was settled.

Genealogy Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Indexes of Probate Records

  • Book A, Wills, Estates, Inventories, 1800 to 1821
  • Book B, Wills, Estates, Inventories, 1821 to 1832
  • Book C, Wills, Estates, Inventories, 1831 to 1839

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Book A, 1800 to 1821

Testators:Attaway, Archalaus | Attaway, Rebecca | Attaway, Salley | Attaway, Sarah | Attaway, William | Barlow, Christopher | Black, Benjamin | Bolin, William | Braun, Joseph | Brockman, John | Brockman, William | Brown, Thomas | Brown, William | Burl, Richard | Cave, Hiram | Cave, Richard | Cave, William | Cherry, Moses | Christy, George | Collier, James | Conley, Arthur | Conner, John | Corbin, William | Corson, Abel | Craig, John | Dicken, James | Dicken, Richard | Dickens, Samuel | Dulaney, Benjamin | Dulany, John | Dulany, John Jr. | Epperson, Benjamin | Eve, Clary | Fennell, Benjamin | Fowler, Edward | Garnett, John | Garnett, William | Glacken, William | Glover, R. | Goodridge, George | Graves, William | Green, Thomas | Gunter, Abraham | Hawkins, Joseph | House, Moses | Hughs, Andrew | Hughs, George | Hughs, John | Hume, Garrard | Hunt, Richard | Hutcherson, Samuel | Johnson, Benjamin | Johnson, William | Kirtley, Jeremiah | Kirkley, Mary | Lowry, Alexander | Manfield, Robert | Markland, Jonathan | Markland, Richard | McCorkle, William | McIntosh, James | McMerks, John , Sr. | Miller, John | Moore, estate inventory | Moseley, Benjamin | Neal, John | Noble, John | Noble, Thomas | Norris, John | ONeal, Charles | ONeal, Henry | Parker, Richard | Peek, James | Perrington, James | Points, John | Porter, R. | Pratt, Artemis | Reamer, James | Reed, Zachariah |Rice, Benajah | Rice, Elijah | Rogers, John | Royster, George | Sanders, William | Sanford, Richard | Seals, Barrett | Shackleford, William | Sharp, John H. | Shepherd, James | Simpson, Moses | Sleet, G. | Sleet, M.| Smith, Thomas | Smith, William J. | Smith, William Johnson | Sprigg, Ann | Steele, W. | Stephens, John | Stephens, Thomas | Stewart, Robert | Tanner, John | Thomas, Clarissa | Thomas, Mathew | Thomas, Nathan | Torrey, Von Vacker | Towery, Betsy | Underhill, William | Vickers, Alexander | Wills, Johnson | Wilson, Richard | Worrell, William

Images of Wills, Estates, Inventories, Book B, 1821 to 1832

Testators: Allen, Francis | Anderson, Henry | Ayler, Michael | Banister, Augustine | Barkshire, Joel | Barkshire, Richard | Barton, Valentine | Bates, John | Bates, William | Beall, Thomas | Bennington, William | Bolin, William | Bradford, Joseph | Brockman, Elizabeth | Brockman, John | Brown, John | Brown, Nancy | Brown, Thomas | Brown, William | Burt, Richard | Bute, Thomas | Campbell, Gilbert | Cane, Jeremiah | Cane . . . more . . .

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Names of Kentucky Ancestors - - - > Muhlenberg County #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Muhlenberg County Wills, Estates, Deeds

VanceburgMuhlenberg County was founded in 1798 and was named for General Peter Muhlenberg, of Revolutionary War fame. The county seat is Greenville, Kentucky.

Muhlenberg County Probate Records available to members of Kentucky Pioneers

Images of Muhlenberg County Wills and Estates 1801 to 1814

  • Abott, John
  • Alcock, Richard Nelson
  • Allison, William
  • Anderson, Robert
  • Bailey, Thomas
  • Biggerstaff, Benjamin
  • Bowman, Peter
  • Butler, Gilbert
  • Byrd, John
  • Campbell, Patrick
  • Campbell, William
  • Cockrum, James
  • Combs, Thomas
  • Cooley, Susanna
  • Davis, Henry
  • Deboyn, Batten
  • Deboyn, John
  • Durall, Skinner
  • Durelle, John
  • Fisher, John
  • Forker, Thomas
  • Gish, Christian
  • Goodman, Silvy
  • Groves, Jonathan
  • Harrison, Jesse
  • Herrin, David
  • Hunsinger, Mathias
  • Hussley, Jacob
  • Kinchelow, Lewis
  • Lesley, Valentine
  • Lewis, Charles
  • McCartney, James
  • McKinney, John
  • McLane, John
  • McNary, William
  • Naught, George Sr.
  • Noftzinger, Jacob
  • Penrod, John
  • Penrod, Tobias
  • Perrel, John
. . . more . . .

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Names of Georgia Ancestors - - - Harris County

Harris County Genealogy Resources, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Maps

Sparks CreekHarris County was created from Muscogee and Troup Counties in 1827 and was named for Savannah lawyer and mayor, Charles Harris. County is Hamilton, Georgia. Early Settlers: Zilpha Baker, John Alexander, James Cotton, Eli Davis, Osborn Ely, William Glaze, William W. Hunt, William Ingram, Thomas Jones, John M. Jordan, Barnett Knight, Branch, Ligen, Isaac Middlebrooks, Abel Nilson, John Pattillo, Jackson Rush, Jeremiah Reeves, William Stringer, Sr., Churcwell Tarvin, Philip Wilder and Benjamin Walker.

Probate Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers

Images of Wills and Estates

  • Wills, Bk 1, 1833-1849 (abstracts)

Online Images of Harris County Wills, Book 2, 1850-1875

Testators: Adams, Anna; Alexander, John; Baker, Merrill;Baker, Zilpha;Bankston, Elizabeth; Barnes, John; Beall, Elias; Berry, Jesse; Blackman, William; Blanchard, Thomas; Boddie,R. V. R.; Boggs, Elizabeth; Brown, Robert; Champion, Philemon; Christian, William; Copeland, Pinkney; Copeland, William B.; Copeland, William Sr.; Cotton, James J.; Cotton, Smith; Cox, Asa; Crews, Reuben; Crook, Osborn; Davenport, John; David, J. W.; Davidson, John; Davis, Eli; Davis, James; Davis, Judith; Davis, Mary Ann; Doris, Joseph; Dowdell, James; Emory, Samuel; Glaze, William; Gassaway, Eliza; Gassaway, James; Goodman, Elizabeth; Gorham, Willis; Granberry, George;Gunn, Jesse;Hamilton, John; Harden, Moses; Harper, Elizabeth; Harris, John; Hendry, Robert; Hevis, Samuel; Hill, Jasper; Hill, Vincent; Hines, Elias; Hopkins, William; Horn, Hugh; Hougton, William; Hudspeth, William; Huey, Alexander; Hunley, Ambrose; Hunley, William; Hunt, William W.; Hurling, Andrew; Hutchins, David; Ingram, William; Johnson, Sanky; Jones, Randall; Jones, Thomas; Jordan, John M.; Key, Henry; Kimbrough, Jesse; Kimbrough, Jesse T.; King, Thomas;  . . . more . . .

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Names of SC Ancestors - - - > Richland County

Richland County South Carolina Wills

Millwood PlantationRichland County was formed in 1785 as part of Camden District. In 1791 a small portion of it went to Kershaw County. The county seat is Columbia, which is also the state capital. In 1786 the state legislature decided to move the capital from Charleston to a more central location. A site was chosen in Richland County, which is in the geographic center of the state, and a new town was laid out. During the War Between the States General William T. Sherman captured Columbia and burned the town and parts of the county on February 17, 1865. Early Settlers: Richard Adams, Casper Coon, John Belton, Benjamin Everitt, John Dodd, Christian Kinslery, Samuel Jackson, William Partride, Mathias Libecap and others.

Richland County Records Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Will Book 1787-1853
  • Will Book C (1787 to 1805)
  • Will Book G (1806 to 1823)
  • Will Book H (1823 to 1834)
  • Will Book K (1834 to 1839)
  • Will Book L, Part 1(1840 to 1858)
  • Will Book L, Part 2 (1854 to 1864)

Transcripts of Richland County Wills (1787 to 1796)

Names are listed here : Adams, Richard; Allison, Andrew; Belton, John; Blanchard, Benjamin; Braswell, Hannah; Coon, Casper; Coosmaul, Henry; Daniel, Richard; Dodd, John; Duncan, Mathew; Everitt, Benjamin; Faust, John Henry; Gill, John; Haswell, Robert; Heath, Ethel; Hill, Robert; Hollis, Edward; House, Thomas; Howell, Arthur; Howell, Thomas;] Huggins, William; Jackson, Samuel; Kinsler, Christian; Libecap, Mathias; Mack, Conrod; McKinstra, John; McLemore, Joel; Miers, John; Partridge, William; Pembleton, John; Reese, Joseph; Ross, James; Rowan, Samuel; Shirling, James; Sledde, Seten W.; Taylor, Mary; Westcott, David; Westcott, Ebenezer; Whitaker, William Jr.; Whitaker, William Sr.; Wimberly, Mary.

Transcripts of Richland County Wills, Bk C (incomplete)

Curry, Jane; Faust, Jacob; Hay, William; Hinson, William; Hunt, James Green; Kelly, Alexander; Kinsler, Daniel; Rives, Herbert; Rives, Robert; Salisbury, Pettigrew; Strange, Henry; Waggoner, Robert

Transcripts of Richland County Wills, Book G, 1806 to 1827

Baker, Jesse;Blain, Joseph;Brown, Mary;Burginer, William;Carey, Ann;Chandler, Jesse;Davis, Mary Ann;Delahunt, Robert;Delezeair, Ann;Donlevy, Francis;Egan, Thomas;Ellis, William;Fitzpatrick, William;Fox, William;Frost, Keziah;Gill, Agnes;Goodwyn,Elizabeth;Goodwyn, Sarah; Guignard, John; Hamiter, Adam Frederick;Harris, Barton;Herron, Samuel; Howell, Lucy;Howell, Malachi;Hutchinson, Thomas; Killingsworth, Jesse;Kinsler, Elizabeth;Legran, Oliver;Livingston, William; Lucas, John;McCawley, James;McClellan, James;McDonald, Alexander; McIlwain, John;Montieth, William;Mulder, Abel;Myer, William; Parker, Lucy;Phelps, Mary;Reese, James;Rivers, William; Romanstine, George;Scott, William;Smith, Edward D.;Smith, George;Smith, Richard;Souter, George;Spigner, Frederick; Stanley, Samuel;Thompson, Mary; Tucker, Wood; Turquand, Catharine;Walshe, John, Dr.;Ward, Henry D.;Watson, Effa; Watts, Thomas;White, Mary Susanna;Wood, Sampson C.

...see more names...

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hunting Foxes around Augusta #georgiapioneers #genealogy

Hunting Foxes

A Field Trial by John Martin Tracy"A Field Trial" by John Martin Tracy. John Martin Tracy was likely the first prominent artist who depicted pointing dogs and scenes of upland bird hunting and field trials in American. A descendant of passengers on the Mayflower, Tracy was born in Rochester, OH in 1843. This painting is on display at the Morris Museum in Augusta.

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Virginia Ancestors - - - Washington County

Washington County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds

Washington Co. VAWashington County was formed by Virginians in 1776 from Fincastle County. It was one of the first counties to be named for George Washington, who was then commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. During 1786 the northwestern portion of the county became Russell County and the remaining western part of the county was combined with parts of Lee and Russell counties to form Scott County in 1814. Then, in 1832 the northeastern part of Washington was combined with part of Wythe County to form Smyth County.

Indexes to Wills, Estates, Deeds

  • 1777 to 1791
  • 1806 to 1812

Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds 1777 to 1791

Testators: Anderson, Jacob | Atkinson, James | Barksdale, John | Beater, Francis | Beater, John | Bell, Samuel | Berry, James | Berry, William | Blackburn, Arthus | Blackburn, George | Blackburn, William | Blackmore, John | Bowen, Lilly | Brasley, John Sr. | Brooks, Castelton | Brown, Nathaniel | Buchanan, Robert | Buchanan, Samuel | Bush, Josiah | Butcher, Joshua | Campbell, Ann and John Campbell (deed) | Campbell, David | Campbell, John to Thomas Edmondson (deed) | Campbell, Margaret | Campbell, Tom, Captain | Campbell, William | Carr, James | Carr, William | Carswell, Henry | Carter, Charles | Carter, Susanna | Chrisman, Isaac | Christian, Sampson | Coil, James | Cole, Hugh | Cole, Joseph | Cole, William | Colvill, Andrew to Montgomery (deed) | Colvill, Samuel | Cooper, Abraham | Cope, John | Cope, John to Joseph Gray (deed) | Cowen, Samuel | Crabtree, William | Crocket, David | Cross, Benjamin | Cross, Samuel to Joseph Ingleman (deed) | Curry, James | Cusick, John | Darnel, David | De Bel Cour, Lebrun | Dickenson, Humphrey | Dorton, William Sr. | Dryden, Nathaniel | Duncan, John | Duncan, Rawley | Dunlap, Ephraim | Edmiston, John | Edmondson, Robert | Edmondson, William | Edmundson, Andrew | Edwards, David | Estell, Benjamin | Faris, William | Fitzpatrick, John | Forgey, Alexander | Fowler, James | Fowler, Samuel | Frost, Simon to Nathl Nicholas (deed) | Fugate, Francis | Galespy, Robert | Galloway, William | Glenn, James | Graves, Edmund Gray, Benjamin | Green, James | Green, Lewis | Greer, William | Hadden, Thomas | Handlin (deed) | Head, Anthony | Henderson, John | Henry, Samuel | Hill, Thomas | Hilliard, William | Hinnegar, Conrod Hogg to Galgood (deed) | Horn, Leonard Hughes, Samuel | Hughs to Friley (deed) | Jamison, Edward | Jones, Thomas | Kendrick, Solomon | Kendrick, Thomas | Kennedy, John to Jacob Campbell (deed) | Kerr, John | Kincaid, David | Laird, James | Lea, John | Leonard, Peter | Lewis, William | Litten, Bartin Livingston, Henry (deed) | Livingston, William Todd | Locke, Samuel | Logan, Robert | Lyon, Humberston Martin, Joseph | McKee, Alexander | McCormack, James | McCroskey, John | McCullough, Thomas | McReynolds, John | McMurry, Samuel | McNeal, Archibald | Mesenor, George | Mobley, James | Montgomery, Michael | Moore, Alexander | Moses, Mathew | Naul, James | Neal, John M. to George Maxwell (deed) | Newton, David | Newton, Shadrick Pemberton to Pemberton (deed) | Peppers, Elisha | Phillips, James | Rafferty, Thomas | Reaugh, Robert | Ritchie (deed) | Roberts, David | Robertson (bill of sale) | Rogers, John | Rowhatton, Matthew | Saur, Robert | Scott, Archibald | Sharp, Ann to Martin Gassh (deed) | Sharp, Edward | Sharp, John Sr. | Sharp, Thomas | Shea, Derby | Smith, Alexander | Smith, Robin | Smith, Thomas | Smith, Tobias Smith to Robins (deed) | Speddon, Thomas | Stanton, Richard | Stanton, Robert | Starnes, Frederick | Statzer, Martin | Stern, Frederick | Sword, Henry | Thompson, Alexander | Trimble, Moses | Vance, Samuel | Viney, Mary to Adam Hope (deed) | Viney, Mary to William Beattie (deed) | Walker, John | Walker, Samuel | Wason, James | Watson, Patrick | Welder, Matthew | White, Samuel | White, William  ...more...

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