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Names of Kentucky Ancestors - - - > Cumberland County #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Cumberland County Wills, Estates, Probate Records

Burkesville, Kentucky

Cumberland County was created in 1798 from land in Green County and was named after the Cumberland River. The county seat is Burkesville.

Images of Wills, Estates, Appraisements, Inventories, Guardianships 1815-1831

Alexander, John | Akins, Joseph | Appleby, Robert | Armstrong, John | Armstrong, Stephen

Baker, John | Baker, John Jr. | Baker, Martin | Ball, William | Beck, Edward | Bickerstaff, Samuel | Bickerstaff, Samuel Sr. | Bickerstaff, Samuel Jr. | Blakey, William | Bledsoe, John | Blankenship, Abel | Bond, Hopkins | Bowman, Daniel | Bowman, Pleasant | Brummal, Chastian

Campbell, William | Cary, Wilson | Chamberlin, William | Chandler, John | Chandler, Thomas | Clarry, Samuel | Cory, Edward | Conner, Lawrence |Cowen, William | Craig, William | Creech, Jesse | Crouch, Elijah

Daning, James | Daugherty, Charles | Davis, John | de Graffenreid, Francis | de Graffenreid, Tabitha | Dougherty, Joseph

Elliott, Samuel | Elliott, Thomas | Ellison, Amos | Emerson, Francis | English, Benjamin | Evans, Leroy

Ferrill, William | Fletcher, Fanny | Flowers, Edward | Ford, William | Forsnaught, John | Frogg, William

Galbraith, Robert | Gee, James | Gee, Jesse | Goodson, William | Green, George | Groce, Henry | Guthery, Adam

Haggard, Rice | Hall, Joseph | Harvey, John | Haygood, Robert |Hays, William Sr. | Hibbits, William | Hill, Archibald | Hill, Barber |Hillis, John | Hix, Richard | Hopkins, Arthur | Hopkins, William | Howard, James | Howard, Reubin |Howard, Robert S. | Hunter, John

Irwin, John | Jacob, Patrick | Johnston, Joseph | Johnston, Michael | Johnston, Thomas

Keen, Samson | King, John E. | King, Milton | King, William | Lafferty, Alexander | Lafferty, Samuel | Lafferty, Sarah | Lloyd, Willis

Martin, David | Mays, William | Maxwell, N. | McColly, Cornelius | Miller, Richard A. | Millon, Christopher | Murphy, James

Newby, Martin | Noland, James | Norris, Zebulon | Pace, John | Page, John | Philpot, Zachariah | Pickens, Joseph | Pickens, Thomas

Ray, Nathaniel | Reynolds, George | Ritchey, Elizabeth | Robertson, Arthur | Robertson, Walthall | Robinson, George H. | Rowland, Elizabeth |  . . . more . . .

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Names of Kentucky Ancestors - - - > Christian County #kygenealogy #kentuckypioneerscom

Images of Christian County Wills, Estates, Annual Returns, Inventories

MarkerChristian County was formed in 1797 and was for Colonel William Christian, a native of Augusta County, Virginia, and a veteran of the Revolutionary War who settled near Louisville, Kentucky in 1785, and was killed by Native Americans in southern Indiana in 1786. The county seat is Hopkinsville.

Miscellaneous Resource to Find Estates, etc.
  • 1797 and 2798
Indexes to Wills and Estates
  • Book A, 1797 to 1811
  • Book C, 1816 to 1823
  • Book D, 1823 to 1826
Wills & Estates Book D, 1823 to 1826

Adams, AbramBlakey, ConstanceBlakey, ThomasBooker, Thomas
Boyd, EdwardBradley, BenjaminBradley, SamuelBroaddus, E.
Bryant, AbnerBurden, Samuel D.Callaway, EdmundCollins, Thomas
Cocke, ThomasCook, MordecaiCrowder, ThomasDallam, Francis
Davis, JaneDeaver, WilliamDickerson, SylvanusDorsey, Alexander
Dover, WilliamEdward, JohnFaulkner, SarahFinley, William
Foster, JeremiahHarrison, JosiahHay, PeterHay (or Kay), Robert
Henry, DanielHenry, WilliamJacobs, BenjaminJones, Anthony D.
Lander, HenryLewis, AndresLoffters, GeorgeLookwood, Sylvanus
Loving, WilliamMallory, JohnMartin, ElizabethMcCarroll, Thomas
McCarty, JohnMcLaughlin, ThomasMcMahan, JohnMNeill, Dorothy
Meacham, JohnMeases, WilliamMiller, Samuel A.Neill, Henry W.
Parrish, MatthewPatton, BenjaminPayne, JamesPorter, Jesse
Price, ArchibaldRamsey, EdwardRily, IsaacRodgers, Robert
Smith, BarnettSmith, CharlesSmith, ElijahSteele, Archidald
Steele, MosesStephenson, MosesStevenson, SaraTalbot, Richard
West, ClaiborneWood, SallyWoodson, ObadiahYork, Benjamin
. . . more . . .

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Names of NC Ancestors - - - > Onslow County #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneerscom

Onslow County NC Wills and Estates

Pelletier HouseThe first setters to his area were Europeans and English about 1713 when their original settlements were in what was originally part of the colonial precincts of Carteret and New Hanover. Onslow County was formed in 1734 and was named for the Honorable Arthur Onslow, Speaker of the British House of Commons. After a hurrican in 1752, the county courthouse was relocated from Town Point to Wantland Ferry; this settlement was eventually incorporated in 1842 and named Jacksonville after President Andrew Jackson. 

Onslow County Wills and other Records Available to Members of North Carolina Pioneers


  • Abstracts of Onslow County Wills 1740 to 1760

Images of Onslow County Wills 1790 to 1836 from the Court of Common Pleas

Adamson, George H. - Ambrose, Daniel - Ashford, Butler Askew, Nathan - Askew, Sally - Averett, Jenkin - Averett, Parmela - Averett, Richardl - Barrow, Abraham - Basden, Cordil - Baisden, Jess - Ball, Moses - Barber, John - Barber, Mitchell - Barber, Thomas - Barbour, Nancey - Barefield, Moses - Barrow, Zachariah - Battle, Abner - Bender, Brice = Breec, Cornelius - Brinson, Elizabeth - Brinson, John - Bryant, Benjamin - Burk, Sarah -- Burns, Francis - Cahoon, Daniel - Cahoon, Mary - Capps, Thomas - Cary, John - Cary, Shadrack Cary, Thomas - Coston, Thomas - Cox, Josiah - Craft, Isaac Charles - Davenport, Isaac - Davis, Jeremiah - Davis, Mark - Dixon, Jonathan - Dosson, Robert -- Dudley, Edward - Dudley, Thomas - Dulany, Thomas - Eagerton, Janes - Ennett, Caty - Erexson, JoNathan - Eslick, Frances - Eubanks, Thomas - Farnel, Benjamin - Farnell, Dexter - Ferrand, William - Fields, Jacob - Fields, James - Fields, Moses - Fields, Rebekah - Fisher, John - Foster, William - Foy, James Sr. - French, W. - Gibson, John - Gibson, Thomas - Gibson, William - Giddens, Abraham - Gillespie, Archibald - Gipson, John - Glenn, Thomas - Goodwin, Drury - Grant, Reuben - Gurgamus, Jesse Sr. - Gurgamus, Mosley - Gurgamus, Zachariah - Guthery, Charles - Hadnot, Seth - Hammond, John - Hammond, Martin - Hancock, Zebedee - Hansley, John - Harrel, Wilson - Haskins, Ezekiel - Hawkins, Obediah - Hazard, George -- Henderson, Barnabas - Henderson, Barnabas Jr. - Hibbs, Jonathan - Hill, William - Hinson, F. George -- Hobbs, 
. . . more . . .

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Names of SC Ancestors - - - > Anderson County #scgenealogy #southcarolinapioneersnet

Anderson County Genealogy, Wills, Estates

AshtabulaAndersonAndersonIn 1777 after Cherokee Indians signed a treaty ceding its lands to the state, part of the Indian Land became known as Pendleton District (the old deeds also refer to it as the Washington District). In 1790, the town was Pendleton was founded, later becoming a popular summer resort for low country planters in the nineteenth century. In 1826 Pendleton district was divided into Pickens and Anderson Counties. Anderson County was named after the Revolutionary War General Robert Anderson (1741-1812). Most of the early settlers of this area were Scotch-Irish farmers who moved south from Pennsylvania and Virginia in the eighteenth century. 

Early settlers: Drennan, Cox, Morris, Bruster, Watkins, Sego, Chappell, Thompson, Stephens, Hammond, Willson, Tatum, Leonard, Reeves, Neel, Hamilton, Rainey, Herring, Trotter, Rosamon, Morrow, Anderson, Russell, Lawrence, Shelton, Douthit, Dilworth and Pickens.

Wills, Estates, Documents Available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers

  • Anderson County Will Book A (Abstracts)
  • Map of Anderson County
  • Anderson County Will Book A (Abstracts)
  • Index to Anderson County Will Book A (1791-1834)

    Digital Images of Original Will Documents:

    Names of Testators: Compton, James; Corben, Peter;Dalrumple, Samuel;Findly, Samuel;Gantt, Giles;Gibson, Randolph;Harris, James S., LWT (1831); Major, Elijah, estate (1865);Perkins, Isaac;Pickens, Robert; Pollack, John;Shelton, Lewis;Simms, James;Sinkler, Charles; Smith, John;Thompson, James;Thompson,Mathew;West, Jonathan
  • Index to Anderson County Will Book B 1835-1845

    Digital Images of Original Will Documents:

    Testators: Alexander, Aaron; Bowie, Charles;Bowie, Wesley; Brown, George;Browne, Elijah;Buchanan, Ebenezer; Burriss, James;Burriss, John;Burt, Francis; Burt, Moody;Carson, James;Clarke, Matthew;Clinkscales, Francis; Clinkscales, Levi;Corr, John;Cox, William;Cox, William(2); Dalrymple, Sarah; Dean, Gwinney;Earle, John; Elliott, William; Elliott, William (2);Elrod, Isaac; Elrod, Jeremiah;Emerson, Samuel; Fant, Jesse;Forsythe, William; Gentry, John;Gillison, Archibald; Goode, Lewelling;Gordon, Robert;Griffin, James;Guttry, David; Guyton, Aaron;Guyton, Robert;Harper, John; Harper, William; Harris, James; Harris, John; Harris, Nathaniel; Ingram, John; Jennings, John; Johnson, John; Junkin, Margaret; Junkin, Robert; Kelly, Elisha; Keown, William; Lewis, Eleanor; Lewis, Sarah; Linley, John; Major, Joseph; Martin, David; Martin, David (2); Mason, Ambrose; McAllister, Nathan;McCoy, James; McCurday, William; McFee, Samuel;McGee, Jesse;McGill, Samuel; McLin, Hugh; Milford, John; Miller, Crosby; Mills, Elizabeth; Moorhead, John; 
  • . . . more . . .

  • Index to Georgia Wills-See Names of your Ancestors

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    Names of NC Ancestors - - - > Perquimans county #ncgenealogy #northcarolinapioneerscom

    Perquimans County Genealogy Records

    Historic Hertford County

    Perquimans was formed as early as 1668 as a precinct in Albemarle County. It is located in the northeastern section of the State and is bounded by Albemarle Sound and Chowan, Gates, and Pasquotank counties. In 1779 Gates County was formed in 1779 from Chowan, Perquimans, and Hertford. The dividing line between the counties of Chowan, Perquimans, and Gates was authorized to be established in 1805. Later, during 1814 a boundary line between Perquimans, Chowan, and Gates, was amended by naming a new commissioner, which indicated that the line had not been established at that date. Finally, in 1819 a dividing line was established between Chowan and Perquimans Counties.

    Records Available to Members

    • Marriage Records 1785 to 1805
    • List of Miscellaneous 1710 to 1933
    • List of Criminal Actions 1861 to 1948
    • List of Estates 1873 to 1948; 1956

    Perquimans County Images of Estates 1789 to 1827

    Anders, Asa; Barrow, John; Boswell, Sarah; Bratten, Nathaniel; Branch, Job; Bunch, Hannah; Bunch, Joshua; Cale, Robert; Charle, Benjamin; Curry, Elizabeth; Curry, James; Elliott, Caleb; Fitterson, Joseph; Fletcher, Joshua; Foster, Mary; Habry, Frederick; Harvey, John; Harwood, Ann; Hatfield, Richard; Hollowell, Willis; Jackson Thomas; Johnson, Joshua; Jones, Ann; Kinyon, Joab; Lamb, Sarah; Mullin, Joseph; Newby, Elizabeth; Newby, Francis; Newby, William; Nixon, John; Parker, Elisha; Parker, John; Parker, William; Parks, Humphrey; Pearce, Joseph; Pearce or Pears, Joseph; Pearce, William; Perry, Benjamin; Perry, Jesse; Pointer, Henry; Price, Benjamin; Reddick, James; Reed, William; Roberts, Benjamin; Roberts, John; Robertson, Benjamin; Robins, Samuel; Rogerson, Janet; Rogerson, Parthena; Sanders, John; Spivey, John; Stafford, Thomas; Stanton, John; Stevenson, Hugh; Sutton, James; Swan, Henry; Thack, Leaven; Tucker, Sarah; Turdy, Joseph; Turner, Joseph; Upton, Thomas; Versry, Joanna; Webb, John; Webb, Penelope; Weeks, Thomas; Weeks, Wilson; Whedbee, Lemuel; White, Margaret; Williams, Nathaniel 
    . . . more . . .

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    Swords and Sabres #scgenealogy #southcarolinapioneersnet

    Swords and Sabres

    sabreThe sabre used by the cavalry during the American Revolutionary War usually had a brass hilt or a plain cherry grip. A sabre is a heavy cavalry sword with a curved blade and a single cutting edge. However, officers also carried small sabre swords which were light, straight, and slender.  . . . more . . .

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    County Records Offer the Genealogist the Most Hope #scgenealogy #southcarolinapioneersnet

    County Records Offer the Genealogist the Most Hope!

    Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

    Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland AustinAfter the census records are researched, the next stop is the county records. where your ancestors resided. It is all there, from the time that they purchased a home or land and recorded the deed, until the probate of the last will and testament and the tax digest revealed them delinquent for on taxes! One of the most interesting stories lies in the reading of the will and estate papers because it reveals the life and times of the decedent. If the court house burned, the next search is the court houses of surrounding counties. That is because families had transactions in other counties as well as relatives. All of the tidbits about each relative helps to form the puzzle. Note: Some of the earliest settlers in Dorchester County came from Dorchester, Massachusetts. 
     . . . more . . .

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    Names of SC Ancestors - - - > Barnwell County #scgenealogy #southcarolinapioneersnet

    Barnwell County Wills, Marriages, Maps

    Barnwell, South CarolinaBarnwell County was originally part of Orangeburg District, and in 1785 it was named Winton County. It was given its current name in 1800 when it was named for John Barnwell (1748-1800), a Revolutionary War Leader. Barnwell County has decreased in size over the years as new counties were created within its boundaries (Aiken in 1871, Bamberg in 1897 and Allendale in 1919). The South Carolina Railroad, which connected Charleston to Hamburg on the Savannah River, was built through this area, creating the towns of Blackville and Williston in the mid-nineteenth century. 

    Early settlers to Orangeburg District: Robert McCampbell, Gabriel Moffitt, W. H. Lacy, Nathaniel Perry, and others. 

    Barnwell County Probate Records Available to members of South Carolina Pioneers
    • Index to Barnwell County Wills (1787-1826)
    • Index to Barnville County Wills (1787-1856)
    • Barnwell County Marriages
    • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1778-1810
    • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1811-1820
    • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1821-1840
    • Barnwell County Wills (abstracted) 1841-1856
    • 1825 Map of Barnwell District

    Transcripts of Miscellaneous Wills and Estates (1787-1798)

    Testators: Abney, Nathaniel; Adams, William; Alexander, Raine ; Ashley, Nathaniel; Bassett, William; Bates, Andrew; Blitchendon, John; Bowie, James; Boyit, William; Brown, Tarlton, Estate, 1845; Browne, Charles; Bryant, John; Burnley, John; Bush, John; Cannon, Reddin; Carrel, Thomas; Chase, Peleg; Chitty, John; Colding, Ann; Collins, James; Cooper, Nicholas; Crossle, William; Davis, James; Dillard, Barbara; Duglas, John; Dyckes, Isaac; Edward, David; Evoritt, William; Filput, Thomas; Fitts, John; Foster,Benjamin;Genkins,Elizabeth; Hankinson, Robert; Hargroves, 
    . . . more . . .

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    Wednesday, September 18, 2019

    Georgia Ancestors - - - > Jasper County

    Jasper County Wills, Estates, Annual Returns, Vouchers, Marriages

    Monticello, GeorgiaBaldwin, Butts, Putnam and Morgan County records should also be researched by genealogists. The earliest settlers were: Seymour Byrom, Moses Duff, William Deal, Radford Ellis, Robert Estes, Ira Foreman, John Freeman, Stewart Owens, James Patrick, John Parks, William Vardeman and Joseph White. Jasper was first Old Randolph County. Jasper County was created in 1807 from Baldwin County and called Randolph County. The present-day Randolph County was created on December 20, 1828. Part of Jasper was given to Morgan in 1815 and part to Newton in 1821. The name was changed December 10, 1812 to Jasper County and named in honor of William Jasper, an officer in Colonel William Moultrie's Second South Carolina Infantry, 1775. The county seat is Monticello.

    Jasper County Records Available to members of Georgia Pioneers

    Note: Most of the Jasper County wills and estates are not indexed. Except for this publication, you would have to go page-by-page to know if your ancestors were there:

    Indexes to Probate Records

    • Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1813-1820.
    • Wills 1815-1820.
    • Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, 1797-1819.

    Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book C, 1797 to 1819

    Testators: Appling, Otho ; Bryers, Laurence ; Buis, John ; Butler, Thomas; Chapman, Edmond ; Doggett, John ; Ellis, Radford ; Hadley, Thomas ; Heard, Thomas ; Hill, William ; Hills, Theophilus ; Huff, Thomas ; Jackson, John ; Jones, Hugh ; Lasseter, Charles; Loyd,Thomas ; Mapp, Jeremiah ; McMichel, William ; Messer, Joseph ; Moses, John ; Mullins, Timothy ; Nall, Nathan ; Paschal, Samuel ; Pinson, James ; Ramsey, Alexander; Ray, Solomon ; Shuffield, Barnaby ; Weathersby, Owen ; White, Samuel ; Wise,Patton

    Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 9, 1828 to 1829

    Testators, estates: Cornwell, Elijah; Deadwilder, Eve; Grimmett, Sarah; Harris, James, minor; Higginbotham, Jacob; Holland, Lewis C., guardian of wife, Lavisa; McDaniel, Yancey; McMurray, John; Meriwether, Thomas; Purifoy, Arrington

    Images of Wills, Appraisements, Bills of Sale, Annual Returns, Book 1, 1813 to 1817

    Testators: Fitzpatrick, William ; Ivie, Lott ; Laws, Martin ; Mayo, Nancy ; McAfee, Green ; 
    . . . more names . . .

    Index to Georgia Wills-See Names of your Ancestors

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    Images Help Genealogists Read Records Online

    Images Help Genealogists Read Records Online 

    Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

    microfilmDid you know that it is far easier to read images of all documents on your computer than from microfilm? This is because the microfilm reader is using its limited technological capacity. Many of these old readers have seen their day! However, when a record is digitized for the computer, all of the latest imaging software is operative. For example, Adobe has improved over the years. The reader may now zoom in or out by using the plus or minor signs at the bottom of the screen. So much better than the old days of using a magnifying glass. Even faded and aged images are better interpreted on the computer. The Georgia State Archives where you can read old county documents yet remains open to the public only two days per week. A very stressed situation, I must say. But good news! Georgia Pioneers has digitized hundreds of thousands of the old wills and they are available here -- Index to Georgia Counties

    Index to Georgia Wills-See Names of your Ancestors

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