Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Settlers of Burlington North Carolina #northcarolinapioneers

Those Who Came to Burlington, North Carolina 

The city of Burlington is located in the Piedmont district of North Carolina. Nearby is its mountain region which includes the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. During the 18th century when so many settlers were traveling the "Great Wagon Road" down from Pennsylvania, most of these settlers were either English or Irish Quakers, Scotch-Irish Presbyterian, or German Lutherans. Early settlers had to contend with the Native Indians being pushed westward. Then, the local government lauded inquitable taxation upon the land which caused the Regulation Movement of 1766. During this movement, the people of Alamance County formed a militia to battle the state government, a skirmish which lasted about two hours. The state militia under the command of the Royal Governor Tyron defeated the Regulators and reached an agreement which restored peace.   Alamance County NC Genealogy Resources

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