Monday, November 21, 2016

The 1820 Georgia Land Lottery

Georgia Land Lotteries 

1820 land lotteryThe 1820 Georgia Land lottery occurred from September 1, 1820 to December 2, 1820 and included the thirteen districts of Appling County. Since there existed such a wide range of those who could draw one or two lots, it seems that just about every old settler in the region was eligible. Those entitled to one draw had to be a bachelor, 18 years or over with a three-year residency in Georgia, citizen of the United States or a Soldier of the Indian War and resident of Georgia since military service. Others who could drew were: married man with wife or son under 18 years or unmarried daughter or widow with three years residence in Georgia; wife and/or child; husband and/or father absent from state for 3 years; family (one or two) of orphans under 18 years whose father was dead and three year residence. Those entitled to 2 drews were a family (three or more) of orphans under 18 years with three years residence; Widow, husband killed in Revolutionary War, War of 1812, or Indian War; Orphan, father killed in Revolutionary War, War of 1812 or Indian War; Wounded or disabled veteran of War of 1812 or Indian War, unable to work; Veteran of Revolutionary War. Veterans of the Revolutionary War who had been a fortunate drawer in any previous Lottery could have one drew. The grant fee was $18.00 per land lot. The tax digests reflect land given in this lottery and contains information as to his boundaries, i.e., waterways, timber land, etc. Although many people drew, everyone did not always take up the land. The way to discern if it was from the land lottery is that those lots consisted of 202-1/2 acres.  Appling County Wills, Estates, Marriages

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