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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Trail Through Virginia into Tennessee and Kentucky

The Trail Through Virginia into Tennessee and Kentucky

Abraham Aaron was born in Lancaster County, Kentucky but removed to Pittsylvania County with his father where he resided a long while after the Revolutionary War. He was drafted for six months as a Militiaman in 1780 in the company of Captain William Witcher in Pittsylvania County. The troops marched to Salisbury, North Carolina,then to Camden. He was in the Battle of Stono when the Americans were victorious and captured a number of prisoners. Afterwards, he marched to various places throughout the countryside and finally back to Camden, after having served a full term. He resided in Greene County, Tennessee until 1824 before removing to Adair County, Kentucky. As so many others had done, after the war, new lands opened up for settlement and Abraham Aaron moved westward. The trail into Kentucky usually began in Virginia.   Adair County KY Wills, Estates, Genealogy

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