Sunday, December 18, 2016

"This is the Time for War!" #northcarolinapioneers

"This is the Time for War!"

Daniel Bradley was a resident of Cumberland County when he enlisted in the Revolutionary War on July 1, 1780 for a term of 18 months under Captain Alexander Grothemy, Captain White, Colonel Campbell and General Muhlenburg. Bradley fought in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and Ninety-Six, South Carolina, involved in various skirmishes. After Eutaw Springs in 1781, he was discharged by Lieutenant Greene. Muhlenburg saw service in the Battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. General Muhlenburg, a religious minister, had joined the fight early in the war and on January 21, 1776 in the Lutheran Church in Woodstock, Virginia, took his serman text from the third chapter Ecclesiastes, which starts with "To everything there is a season..." after reading the eighth verse, "a time of war, and a time of peace," he declared, "And this is the time of war." Muhlenburg then removed his clerical robe to reveal the uniform of a Colonel. Outside the church the drums began to roll as men turned to kiss their wives and then walked down the aisle to enlist, and within half an hour, 162 men had enrolled. The next day the general led out 300 men from the county to form the nucleus of the 8th Virginia Regiment. After Monmouth, most of the Virginia Line was sent to the far South, while Muhlenburg was assigned to head up the defense of Virginia using mainly militia units.   More Virginia History & Genealogy

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