Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Little Children Need Story-Telling #georgiapioneers #gagenealogy

Little Children Love and Need Story-Telling

medieval warChildren love stories, especially about their own relatives. Have you ever noticed that upon learning that "grandpa" did or said something, ears perk up? So where do we acquire the wonderful stories of the past? If you have traced your family lineage to any extent at all, you have parcels of them! Well, you say, but how? There are stories everywhere that you visit, even in cemeteries. Is it interesting to you to realize that several members of your own family died within days or weeks of one another? What is the story on that? Was it caused by measles or whopping cough running rampart in the region? The old newspapers contains tidbits of information about local people. Here is a thought. I have an ancestor who fought in the wars with France under King Edward I of England. He was only about 30 years of age when he died, having married quite young and had six children. His bravery and valor is noted in the fact that he was a member of the Royal Garter. However, history tells another story of the 13th and 14th centuries, one of wars and plagues which wiped out a third of Europe. Did my ancestor die in battle, or from the plague? Interestingly, although many soldiers died of the plague, the battles continued. This is the type of story for which the children can chose the ending! Not only that, but they will ask questions about the circumstance of that awsome disease and war during those centuries; an opportunity to teach some good old fashioned European history. The sort of stuff they will not learn in schools. What it does is to explain the past lives of real people who suffered through an age wrought with the disease and war and how they dealt with ignorance and hardship. The past offers so many great lessons which remind us of who we are (our own blood-line). For after all, we are the heirs of history.  Chattooga Co. GA Genealogy Resources

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