Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Path to Truth is Independent Research #georgiapioneers

The Path to Truth is Independent Research

Lord Dunmore's WarIn this day and age, when media cannot be wholly trusted, one is compelled to do independent research. I have always worked within the framework of digging for old documents, such as county wills and estates, as well as immigration records, census, church, cemeteries, and the like. This is what genealogist do. My previous research disclosed that some genealogists working on the same lineage had the notion that William Franklin enlisted in the Revolutionary War while in Botetourt County, Virginia. Discovering the actual truth came from his name being listed on the 1774 muster roll of Capt. Love's Militia Company in Botetourt County. Since the revolutionary war did not begin until 1776, I decided to see what was happening in the Alleghany Mountains during that time period. Here is what I found. During October of 1774, Botetourt County sent two militia companies down the Mississippi River to the Falls of Ohio to fight the waring Shawnee and other tribes. When they arrived, the Shawnee were ready to fight and the result was a bloody battle of dead and wounded on both sides. Although Lord Dunmore had order all of the Virginia militia out, the two companies of Botetourt militia were the first to arrive and as they crossed the falls (into Indiana) the Shawnee awaited battle. Franklin was listed as "wounded" and "released" two days later. This was not the revolutionary war, rather Lord Dunmore's War of one day in 1774 which resulted in a treaty from the Shawnee and several other tribes relinquishing lands in the Virginia mountains. After further investigation, it was learned that common problem during that time was that Indians scalped white men and took their women into slavery, But there was more truth to be discovered. Six years later, Franklin left Botetourt County and went to North Carolina where he joined the revolutionary war forces of General Lighthorse Harry Lee. Given that Franklin was awarded over 1000 acres of land in Warren County, Georgia for his service further established his full participation in all of the battles from then until the end of the war. A simple fact provided the truth. That is, he was with General Lee until the end, and it was the general who signed his certificate. Had I accepted the work of other probing genealogists, I would have never found the actual reality of his service as an Indian fighter and patriot.  Bulloch County Genealogy Resources

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