Tuesday, January 17, 2017

There used to be "Porch Climbing" #georgiapioneers

Porch Climbing

southern home"Ten to twelve years ago, when I was on a detective force of Cincinnati, two or three rascals hung up the town for three to four weeks in a way that annoyed us not a little. There were chaps known as porch climbers and the way the way they did business was simply slick. Porch climbing was then in its infancy. A sneak thief might be ready to take advantage of an open door or window on the upper floor up shimmering up a column to reach a balcony or using a light ladder to enter a chamber. The very first job done by a gang resulted in $600 worth of jewelry, and they hastened off to a pawnshop." Source: The Washington Gazette. July 17, 1887.  Berrien County GA Genealogy Resources

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