Saturday, January 7, 2017

West Point Graduate from Millersburg #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

The Enduring Footpints of a West Point Graduate from Millersburg

Henry Tureman AllenHenry Tureman Allen was born in Sharpsburg, Kentucky and served on the staff of General Nelson Miles; later served at the military attache to Russia and Germany. He also served in the Spanish-American War in the Battle of El Caney. He was promoted to Brigadier-General in 1917 and was given command of the 90th Infanry Division, then a National Guard Division based in Texas. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. "Some men leave enduring footprints in the sands of time, such as Henry Tureman Allen, the brother of J. G. and S. C. Allen of Millersburg. He is one of the five graduates at West Point in June, and will go on a tour through Europe with a host of other graduates." 

The Bourbon News, Millersburg, Kentucky, April 25, 1882. 
Bourbon County KY Genealogy Resources

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