Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Supporting Man from the Scottish Highlands #northcarolinapioneers

James Hogg, Supporting Man 

James Hogg was a tacksman, meaning "supporting man" from the Highlands who brought many new settlers into North Carolina. Large groups of emigrants left Scotland because of high rents from the lairds, reappointment of farm land (especially in Argyll) for sheep, and so many families falling into poverty. Eventually, an over-sweeping population of poor people in the Highlands created so great a burden on the country that the system of clan leaders and lairds no longer worked. From about 1720 to 1800, families jumped at the opportunity to migrate. During the 1770s, James Hogg, who had acted as a tacksman collecting rents for the lairds, also sought opportunity in America. He contacted ships captains and arranged passages for hundreds of persons. As new settlers arrive at Wilmington or Brunswick, they faced a laborous 90-mile trip up the Cape Fear River to Cross Creek where a great number of Scottish clans had settled on land grants from 1734 to 1737. The Scots spoke gaelic and needed Hogg to arrange passages, etc. New Hanover Co. NC Genealogy Resources

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