Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did you know that the Colonists to Virginia Purchased Wives? Genealogist, you might need to know this. #virginiapioneersnet

Settlers to Jamestown Purchased Wives 

Buying WivesBecause of the hardships endured in the early settlement of James Town, one of the things permitted by the London Company was the purchasing of wives. In tracing these families, I have discovered a number of persons, before and after the 1622 massacre particularly, who returned to London to acquire a wife. First, disease and rat poison from the vessels caused a rank loss of life and the later massacre, of course, killed off a number of families. The London Company investors added this provision to their charter. Nearly 400 persons were lain in the colony on March 22, 1622.  More History on Jamestown and Genealogical Resources. Where to Find your Ancestors. We Have the Records.

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