Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Long Island on the Holston River #virginiapioneers

Long Island of the Holston River

Site of the Last Battle of the Cherokee Indians near Kingsport, TennesseeDuring the 1760s and 1770s, Indians prowled the Cumberland Mountains, scalping white men and taking white women as prisoners. They were first perused the fort at Castle Woods for the taking, but thought better of it when they found it fully prepared. So they passed on through with their captives and upon reaching Guess Station, remained part of the night. That defense was also ready to fight, so the Indians continued their journey to the "Breaks" where the Russell and Pound forks of the Big Sandy pass through the Cumberland mountain. They tarried there half a day and loaded up with silver ore. Tradition has it that this was the place where Sol Mullins, maker of spurious coin, obtained his metal, as he long inhabited the region. They then crossed the river on a raft of logs with their prisoners, who suffered more than can be described, and reached the Sandusky. They had two young white women as prisoners who were eventually stripped and painted and allowed the liberty of the village, though closely watched.  Washington Co. GA Genealogies and Histories

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