Friday, February 17, 2017

More Stories of David Greer, the Hermit #northcarolinapioneers

More Stories of David Greer, Mountain Hermit

The crowning event of (the life of) David Greer, consisted of his shooting to the ground in cold blood a man by the name of Higgins. The only excuse which he offered was that the deceased hunted deer on his land. Greer was brought to trial and acquitted on the ground of insanity. However, when this decision enraged Greer and when released, started towards his cabin muttering loud and deep curses against the injustice of the law. In the process of time, a number of attempts were made to take his life and he was frequently awakened at midnight by the passing of a ball through the door of his cabin. After twenty years or so, Greer abandoned his solitary life and settled on the Tennessee side of Bald Mountain where he worked in an iron forge. But after a dispute with a Mr. Tompkins, a fellow-workmen, swore that he would shoot him within five hours, and started for his rifle. Friends of Tompkins advised him to take the law into his own hands, and as Greer walked along the road with rifle in hand, Tompkins shot him through the heart. Public opinion was on the side of Tompkins and he was never brought to trial.  Ashe Co. NC Genealogy Resources and Historical Stories

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