Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stories Told by your Ancestors #virginiapioneersnet

The Story Told by your Ancestors 

cotton bowlsThe stories of people's lives is told in the last will and testament and details of the estates, viz: inventories, sales, annual returns, receipts, vouchers. Because here is where they listed the details of their daily lives, accomplishments and treasures. The inventory itself is a snap shot of a lifetime of labor and love. The occupation is learned from the inventories and sales of the estate which detailed animals, acreage, locations, and heirs. Local histories and economies are revealed in those papers. Can you write the history of those times and the role which your families played? If not, perhaps you are not reading every item and studying its affect on the local economy. The old plantations represent an economy linked to a community of uniquely creative and enterprising individuals who helped to build a better world. Close your eyes for a moment and envision a farmer walking across a field of cotton or tobacco at sunset. Did it sufficiently rain that season? Did you notice the horses licking salt blocks or the cows coming up to the barn for sweet feed? For the genealogist, the old Will and Estate Records are the vintage find, the treasure discovered! A large collection of jewelled documents is found on Virginia Pioneers 

Washington Co. VA Genealogies and Histories

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