Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Glover Gold Mine in White Co. GA #georgiapioneers

The Glover Gold Mine

gold deposits

"Having a few hours of leisure last Friday, the writer concluded to pay a visit to the Glover property, three miles Northwest of Cleveland, and see for himself, something of the new gold vein. Captain W. H. McAfee of Dahlonega, a veteran miner, under whose supervision the work is being prosecuted, kindly showed us through the mine, and gave us the results of the tests that have been made. The main tunnel, which has been pushed at water level, for 150 feet, has yielded ore that runs uniformly at $10 to $12 per ton. The assays run much higher, and with a good mill on the property, with proper appliances, for saving the gold, the ore would yield as much as $20 per ton. Higher up the high, a few yards another out-cropping was followed, which led to a point where it converges with the vein below, assaying, and yielding by actual experiment the same as the other. Still further up the hill another vein was struck last week, which was beyond even the expectations of owners and leases. Capt. McAfee, who has had a life long experience in the minutes of this section, says that the Glover is proving itself one of the best mines he has ever yet had the pleasure of opening, and he can number them by the score. The nature of the ore renders it very easy to handle and mill, and situated as it is, near water power, and where the timber is plentiful, makes it one of the most desirable properties in the whole country, and will doubtless yield the lucky owners a handsome income, as soon as they can put in the necessary machinery for working it." Source: Cleveland Progress. November 24, 1893. White Co. GA Genealogies and Ancestors

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