Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Williams Dairy in Habersham County in 1848 #georgiapioneers

The Williams Dairy 

Nacoochee ValleyDuring May of 1848 a man by the name of Charles Lanman visited the Nacoochee Valley in Habersham County and wrote about in his book Letters from the Alleghany Mountains by Charles Lanman (1849). He arrived on the back of a mule and his guide and companion was Major Edward Williams. It took about seven hours to ascend what they called Trail Mountain and the venerable gentleman expatiated at length on the superb scenery from the summit. Williams had just established a dairy on the mountain and between fifty to eighty cows and he had hired a young man from Vermont, Joseph E. Hubbard. Major Williams brought with him from Burke County, North Carolina cattle, sheep, hogs, goats and chickens, arriving in the valley during 1822 with his family. Williams told Lanman that he was from New England and had been an exile from yankee land for upwards of twenty years.  Habersham Co. GA Genealogy Resources, Histories, Stories

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