Saturday, February 25, 2017

What are Worm Fences? #virginiapioneersnet

Worm Fences

worm fenceTobacco and Indian Corn was planted in hills as hops and secured by worm fences which are made of rails supporting one another. It is also referred to as a snake fence. Tobacco required much skill and trouble, as the plants were raised in beds and later transplanted and replanted. Two types were used, Oroonoko (strongest) and sweet-scented (mildest). Because tobacco afforded a better economy, the planters enjoyed price increases due to the demands in England as smoking became popular. The highest price paid was 3 shillings per pound. There was some complaint to the London Company in 1621 concerning the quality of tobacco being exported from the colony. This was a time when tobacco was used as money and the measure of price and value. All public and parish taxes were payable in tobacco. However, during 1639 the Grand Assembly which sat in January of the year passed a law restricting growth of tobacco in the colony to 1,500,000 pounds, and to 1,200,000 pounds during the next two years. James City County VA Genealogical Resources and Historical Articles

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