Saturday, March 18, 2017

Everyone Benefits as Genealogy Grows on the Internet #georgiapioneers #georgiagenealogies #histories

Everyone Benefits as Genealogy Grows on the Internet

internet"As the internet was first developing in the 1990s, people added their genealogies While many were in the format of commonly used programs which launched pedigree charts, others wrote their own pages filled with data. The USGenWeb came into being with the idea of sponsorship of specific counties (in all States). It was a wonderful idea, adding records gathered by volunteers. However, as time passed, it was obvious that there were not enough participants and very little information was added once the initial page went up. Then there was Rootsweb which contained valuable information collected and submitted by individuals. Rootsweb grew into a huge sharing of records across thousands of surname lists. As time went by these pages were absorbed by Ancestry and the discovery of one or more of such pages sends you to Ancestry. The pedigree-chart pages have all but disappeared, as the programs went defunct or they were removed. What I am proposing is that as genealogy on the internet improves, we also lose much as people take down more websites. Still, such places as the Library of Congress, the National Archives and regional libraries are digitizing and posting more data online. For instance, the pension records of Revolutionary War Soldiers and musters of the War of 1812 are available for searching at the National Archives. The digitizing of materials for libraries depends upon the funds allocated and the process is expensive. This is the primary reason that genealogy websites charge to join. Georgia Pioneers has grown from one genealogy website to 8. The upgrade enables users to subscribe for a single rate and access the States of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia as well as its genealogy book collection. There is no divisions or levels of membership. One gets access to everything. This is helpful, because ancestors moved about so much. Subscribe here 

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