Thursday, March 23, 2017

German Explores Brought the Rifle, Wagon and Dulcimer into Kentucky #kentuckypioneers

It was German Explorers Brought the Rifle, Wagon and Dulcimer into Kentucky

Conesta WagonIsaac Hite (Hayd), after surveying in Kentucky and returned there with James Harrod to survey Harrodsburg the following year. One of the companions of Daniel Boone was the German Michael Stoner (Holsteiner), a Pennsylvania Dutchman. Matthias Harman (Hermann) was one of the numerous Harmans of eastern Kentucky and was included in the search party that looked for Jenny Wiley in 1789. Both the Kentucky rifle and the Conestoga wagon originated in the German settlement of Pennsylvania, the rifle being transformed from the German Jager rifle. Also, the Appalachian dulcimer is of German origin. Germans were among the eight men who laid out Lexington and in 1790 they comprised 14% of the population. In 1885 the state commissioned Heinrich Lembke to make a tour of German settlements in Kentucky and found that thirteen colonies had spread from Lyon County in the west to Laurel County in the east. Source: Kentucky Encyclopedia by John E. Kleber.  Fayette Co. KY Genealogies and Histories

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