Friday, March 3, 2017

Iron was Forged in Eastern North Carolina #northcarolinapioneers #familyhistories #genealogies #ore

A Bed of Iron Ore

Madison Cold-Blask FurnaceA large bed of iron ore was discovered in Eastern Lincoln County by Peter Forney who obtained land grants in 1789 to a large section of the barren hills. Forney exploited the iron depositions and was followed by Alexander Brevard, Joseph Graham and John Davidson. It was not loong before forges, furnaces and bloomeries were established along the Big Ore Bank and by 1810 Lincoln County was home to six iron bloomeries. During the 1820s, as bar iron was utilized by local blacksmiths, the Big Ore Bank led the State in the production of iron. The ore was claimed in 1824 by Denison Olmsted and extended from the base of Little Mountain on the North, to the foot of King's Mountain on the South. When railroads were constructed through North Carolina, iron flooded the market simultaneously as cheaper iron arrived from Pennsylvania. This caused the operations along the Big Ore Bank to decline in production. Sources: Report of the Geological Survey of North Carolina (1875); Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina (1932).  Lincoln Co. NC Family Trees, Genealogies, histories

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