Monday, March 6, 2017

Site of the "New Bottle Plantation" Excavated in Gloucester County #virginiapioneersnet

Edward Porteus of New Bottle Plantation

1673 Augustine Herman MapMany of the colonial records for Gloucester County were destroyed in 1820 in a fire in the office of the clerk, and later during the Civil War. During 1962 a number of excavations in the county revealed the Jenkins home which was originally named New Bottle which was built by Robert Porteus at the beginning of the 18th century. However, the only conceivable shred of evidence found was a handsome 17th-century latten spoon bearing a thistle as its touchmark, suggesting, perhaps, that it was made by a Scots craftsman. As the family of Edward Porteus, the emigrant and father of Robert Porteus, came from New Bottle in Scotland, it might be argued that the spoon was among the possession of Edward when he arrived in Virginia. The distinguished Gloucester County historian, Dr. William Carter Stubbs undertook considerable research into the history of the Porteus family, the results of which may be summarized as follows: "Edward Porteus was living in Gloucester County by 1681 in ... more

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