Friday, March 3, 2017

The Bingham Family Ran Schools for 135 Years in North Carolina #northcarolinapioneers

135 Years of the Bingham School Academies 

Bingham SchoolThe Bingham family built a series of classical academies over a period of 135 years. The first schoolmaster was a Presbyterian minister by the name of William Bingham who was born in Ireland and educated in Scotland. He emigrated to Wilmington and established a school in 1793 before establishing a school northwest of Hillsborough where he had settled in 1816. The cabins and buildings accommodated 35 to 40 students. When Bingham died in 1826, his son, William James Bingham, finished the term for him. The younger Bingham had been educated and trained by legislator and jurist Archibald D. Murphey, and soon became the principal of the Hillsborough Academy in 1827. In 1840, his brother, John Archibald Bingham, joined the administration of the school. John experimented with new strains of seed and methods of cultivation, but when he died in 1855, the school was closed. However, two years later, his sons (William and Robert) joined their father in patrnership and the school reopened as W. J. Bingham and Sons, during which the time enrollment doubled. In 1864 all three Binghams removed with the school along the North Carolina Railroad track, east of the town of Mebane, where it was known as the Bingham School which continued to operate successfully until its closing in 1928, after the death of Robert Bingham. Orange Co. NC Genealogy Records, Family Trees, Historical Articles

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