Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The First Gunsmith of Kentucky #kentuckypioneers #genealogy #history

The First Gunsmith of Kentucky

American Long RifeThe first gunsmith in Kentucky was probably Squire Boone, a brother of Daniel, who learned the craft from his cousin Samuel Boone at a gunshop in Maryland dating somewhere between 1759 to 1764. The Boone families were very large, some having as many as ten or fifteen children and hailed from Pennsylvania before going West. The popular first names were repeated, such as George and Squire. There were several Squire Boones, for example, during the same period. One of them went into the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and settled in Orange (later Botetourt) County where he fought with the militia against the Shawnee Indians at the famous war of Lord Dunsmore in 1774 when the governor sent the militia into Ohio to rid the colony of Indians. The product of the gunsmith was vital to life on the frontier, for both food and self-defense against the Indians who regularly scalped white men and took their women as slaves. The better-known gunsmiths were of Pennsylvania or Swiss extraction. Source: Kentucky Encyclopedia by John E. Kleber.  Fayette County KY Genealogies and Histories

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