Wednesday, April 26, 2017

When Events are Measured by Time #georgiapioneers

When Events are Measured by Time

musket ballsWhen a soldier goes to war and returns home wounded from a musket ball, he lives the rest of his life with a decided limp. Everything that he did that day at Valley Forge becomes a measure of his devotion to family, friends and neighbors. Perhaps he was one of those unfortunate prisoners who slept in the filthy belly of the prison ship "Jersey" where so many were flogged to the bones. And the later struggle of working his farm with that limp just to feed his children and restore order to a land shredded and torn by war. The chores sap his strength and steal his youth, until one day he settles down to write the story of the battles which scarred his body all for one cause....freedom! The application for a pension is sketchy, at best, as it describes the red coat who fired the musket and the pain of the musket ball riveting through his leg. He does not always recall the name of his captain, because he was shifted from command to command, but the name of General Washington leaves his thoughts. And sadly he remembers that those who advocated for war, wrote the Bill of rights and American Constitution, lost everything. For it was his generation who knew all too well the mark of tyranny and injustice to human dignity suffered under a king. And wanted better. Therefore, although he did not realize it at the time, he fought for the future of all Americans, past and present. 
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