Monday, April 3, 2017

Where is the Book of Remembrance? #virginiapioneersnet

Where is the Book of Remembrance?

Port RoyalThe Book of Remembrance which is mentioned in the Bible was a record written by Adam. That would be the most ancient written record of mankind. Where is it? Is it hidden in the rocks or buried in the ground somewhere? Moses was aware of such a book because he transposed some of those memories into the Book of Genesis. The discoveries of ancient cities under the seas are beginning to establish real evidence of certain times, places and people who existed before sea levels were raised. Modern sonar equipment helps to define many items heretofore lost to us, such as the lay of the land. A topographical map locates old roads, rivers, and such. In other words, impressions once made in the earth are discernible. Until recently, it was generally accepted that the Egyptian sphinx and rocks at Stone Henge and in the Easter Islands sat firmly upon the earth. Until someone did some excavating. Thus, the scientific discoveries and subsequent analysis of the historical past are somewhat flawed. So it is with genealogical research. As we trace our ancestors further back in time, before the modern era and discovering written records, we have to realize that first, there is written evidence and second, that we have not found it. We cannot merely assume that ancient mankind resided in caves and used clubs to kill animals. This idea supports a flawed Darwinian theory that man started as a one-cell animal in the sea and that the apes are our ancestors. This theory fell apart when the so-called "connection" was discovered that the skull of a human and the jaw of an ape were fraudulently pieced together to prove such a theory. Unfortunately, we cannot accurately trace ourselves beyond the Domesday Book, which is the first taxation record of English commoners during 1066 A. D. What about ancient church records before that? As excavations on the earth and under the sea continue, there is hope that records may also be discovered and interpreted through the use of modern equipment. I can remember when old faded county records were no longer discernible, yet today those same records can be read with modern microfilming and camera equipment. The Dead Sea Scrolls, crumbled into small pieces and faced, are being interpreted by modern equipment at Brigham Young University. The use of DNA is quite telling when it examples old skeletons. Consider the corpse of Tutankamun. The cause of his death was a mystery for centures until the DNA experts analyzed it. When we visit old cemeteries, do we realize that the ground is filled with unmarked graves and that a closer examination of washed out areas and sinking holes should be considered. The graves of children are usually located next to the parents, but often sink into the ground and eventually disappear in the soil. Perhaps a closer examination of a family burial site is indicated. Old wills, estates, deeds and other court house records are full of clues. It is not enough to simply read the old will of the ancestor. A study of all of the wills (in the same will book as the ancestor) provides clues such as names of relatives, brides, grooms, friends and neighbors. It is the old neighborhood! These records help locate old farms and plantations, children, parents, grandparents, cousins, places or origin, and so on. Thus, the past is not really lost. We simply have further "excavate" the records to find it!  Pulaski County VA Genealogies and Histories

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