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Have you tried "Ancestor Tracer?" Finds where your ancestors resided #georgiapioneers


Discover where your ancestors resided! These names are all found in records (especially wills and estates of Georgia Pioneers The original wills of most of Georgia's 156 counties is available to members.

Genealogical Resources (Last Wills and Testaments)
ALERT: This database is copyrighted (2006) by Jeannette Holland Austin

This sample of names is by no means complete.

Aaron - Virginia and Franklin Co., GA
Aaron, J. Pink -Jackson Co., GA
Aaron, William RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Aarons, Abraham RWS-Adair Co. KY
Abar, Sergt. T. -Bibb Co., GA
Abbe, Joseph RWS-Delaware, NY
Abbe, Mason RWS-Hampshire Co., MA
Abbott, George -Glynn, Co. GA
Abbott, James Jordan -Warren Co., GA
Abbott, James O. -Effingham Co., GA
Abbott, Peter G. -Effingham Co., GA
Abbott, William, Rev., Jr. -Warren Co., GA
Abercrombie - Hancock Co., Greene Co., GA
Abercrombie - Orange Co., N. C.; Hancock Co., GA & Greene Co., GA
Abercrombie, Charles-NC, Hancock Co., Greene Co., GA
Ables, Anson -Paulding Co., GA
Abrahams, Abraham D. -Chatham Co., GA
Acree, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Adair - Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Adeline(obituary) GA
Adair, Adeline-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Bozeman-Jackson Co., GA
Adair, Bozeman-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, James K. Mrs.(obituary) GA
Adair, James K. Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, James Sanders -Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Adair, Thomas .(obituary) GA
Adair, Thomas -Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Whitmell-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, William-Paulding Co., GA
Adams - NC , Washington Co., GA
Adams - North Carolina and Washington Co., GA
Adams - Richland, SC; Twiggs Co., GA, Chattahoochee, Hall Co., GA
Adams - Stewart Co., GA
Adams, Twiggs Co., GA
Adams - Warren Co., GA
Adams, Benjamin-Warren Co., GA
Adams, Edward-Jackson Co., GA
Adams, Francis RWS-Henry Co., GA
Adams, Hopewell-Edgefield Co.,NC, Washington Co., GA
Adams, J. Madison Co., GA
-Madison Co., GA
Adams, James A. -Elbert Co., GA
Adams, James(obituary) GA
Adams, James-Paulding Co., GA
Adams, Richard-Richland Co., SC, Jones Co., Muscogee Co., GA, Twiggs Co. and Chattahoochee Co., GA
Adams, Samuel-Stewart Co., GA
Adare, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Adkins - VA, Warren Co., GA
Adkins - Virginia & Warren Co., GA
Adkins, Daniel-Warren Co., GA
Agle - Paulding Co., GA
Agle, William-Paulding Co., GA
Akens - Greene Co., GA
Akens, James-Greene Co., GA
Akin - Cass Co., GA
Akin, James-Jackson Co., GA
Akin, Peter-Jackson Co., GA
Akin, Warren- Cass Co., GA
Akins, James-Greene Co., GA
Albritton, John RWS-Henry Co., GA
Albritton, John-Franklin Co., GA
Alden, John Adams RWS-Chenango Co. NY
Alder, James L. RWS-Prince Geo. Co. MD
Aldredge, William RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Aldridge William Ryall -Appling Co., GA
Aldridge Willie Edgar 23 Apr 1893 21 Dec 1935, Miles Chapel -Appling Co., GA
Aldridge, Abner-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Alexander, Abel-York Co., S. C.
Alexander, Adam L. -Wilkes Co., GA
Alexander, Asa RWS-Dale Co. AL
Alexander, Charles Wood -Wilkes Co., GA
Alexander, Edmond-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Alexander, Elias RWS-NC
Alexander, George RWS-Jasper Co., GA
Alexander, James RWS- Spartanburg Co. SC
Alexander, John Locke -Monroe Co., GA
Alexander, Thomas Williamson of Floyd Co., GA
Alford, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Alfred, John of Franklin and Bartow Co. GA
Alfriend, Edward-Greene Co., GA
Allen - Virginia & Morgan Co., GA
Allen, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
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