Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"The First Shots of the Revolutionary War were in Alamance County" #northcarolinapioneers

The Battle of Alamance

William TryonDid you know that the Battle of Alamance fought on May 16, 1771 shed the first blood of the struggle for American Independence? It is said that the shots fired at Lexington were "heard around the world." but let it not be forgotten that almost four years before the day of Lexington, shots were fired at Alamance, and that Lexington continued the fight. William Tryon, the Royal Governor of North Carolina, was referred to as the "wolf" because he oppressed the people of his province to the point where they were obliged to do one or two things, viz: resist him or become slaves. A group of patriots resolved to resist and formed themselves into an organization known as "Regulators." 2,000 to 3,000 arose partly armed and met the forces of the royal Governor at Alamance. "Lay down your guns or I will fire!" shouted the British commander. "Fire and be damned!" shouted back the leader of the Regulators. However, the Regulators were defeated and dispersed. 

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