Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Odd Naming of Children #genealogy #kentuckypioneers

The Odd Naming of Children

Sir Francis DrakeThere is a Sir Francis Drake last will and testament in Logan County dated 1814. He was born in Cumberland, Virginia and appear to be descended from the famous Sir Francis Drake of England. Probably this sort of naming with the first name as "Sir Francis" to a child is a reminder to the heirs of descent from a prominent figure in time. Even the less obvious names seem to have great meaning within the family structure. I recently analyzed the naming of every child in a certain family. Some were given surnames as the first name. The experience was eye-opening once I examined the families in the same county with those surnames. Eventually, I was able to discover the name of the grandmother who never married, but had seven children by the same father. Tracing that particular lineage took me to a Revolutionary War Soldier from Abbeville, South Carolina to Henry County, Georgia. Once I prepared his family group sheet listing all of the children, the identity of the unmarried daughter (who had the illegitimate children) became apparent. Logan County KY Genealogy Records

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