Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Kentucky Poet #kentuckypioneers #genealogy

Poet: William Orlando Butler of Nicholasville

William Orlando ButlerWilliam Orlando Butler was born near Nicholasville, Kentucky, in 1791, a son of Percival Butler, a noted Revolutionary soldier. He was graduated from Transylvania University, Lexington in 1812. When the War of 1812 commenced, Butler left his study of law to enlist. He was wounded at the famous battle which occurred on the River Raisin, and was captured and carried through Canada to Fort Niagara, but later exchanged. The gallantry of Butler attracted the attention of General Jackson during the battle of New Orleans, and was placed on his staff. In 1817 Butler returned to the law, married, and settled in the little river town of Carrollton, Kentucky, on the Ohio River, his home henceforth. In July, 1821, the first draft of his famous poem, The Boatman's Horn (then called The Boat Horn), was published in The Western Review, a monthly magazine of Lexington, Kentucky. 
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