Monday, June 5, 2017

If I Could Tell My Grandmother the "Rest of the Story" #georgiapioneers #genealogy

I wish that I Could Tell My Grandmother the Rest of the Story 

Tennessee MapThe stories of my ancestors live in my heart. The events of the past as described by my grandmother are forever cherished, however, now that I am grown and have spent many years tracing the ancestors, I long to tell her the rest of the story. For there is so much more. Passing on a family tale, she surmised that the family was kin to Hoke Smith of Atlanta. However, the story of her Smiths was much more intriguing. Yes, tracing that name is difficult. Her ancestor was Davis Smith, a planter in Monroe County, Georgia who was the son of Alexander Smith of Warren County. Alexander was the son of John Smith, rifleman, who came from Sullivan County, Tennessee to Wilkes County about 1770 from fought as a Minuteman during the Revolutionary War. Herein lies the untold story of a family residing in uncharted territory who was driven eastward by Indians. White settlers had crossed into the Alleghanies Mountains from Pennsylvania into Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee, even before the treaties or land grants. Thus, as we trace each family, we reveal a history not written about in history books. It is comparable to an exciting archaeological excavation. 
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