Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Eagle Tavern in Hertford NC #northcarolinapioneers #ncgenealogy

Eagle Tavern

Eagle TavernThere is a story that George Washington came to Hertford on business connected with lands in the Dismal Swamp and may have tarried at the old tavern. It was during a journey through the South in 1791. However, a room was shown as having been his. Diagonally across the street from the Eagle Tavern at the end of the yard enclosing the old Harvey home, there are two great-size stones which are said to mark the grave of a mighty Indian chief. This may have been Chief Kilcokonen, a friend of one of the earliest settlers, George Durant. The town of Hertford saw gunboats coming down the river from the Northern Army, and one brief battle was fought inside the town. One man was killed on each side. The old residents used to boast of how the women, while a skirmish occurred, came out of their homes and cheered on the soldiers. It is said that while this skirmish was taking place that a ball from one of the gunboats on the river went through one of the houses and tore a covering from the bed on which the mistress of the house had just been lying. 
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