Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Etowah Discoveries near Cartersville GA #georgiapioneers #genealogy #cherokees

The Etowah Discoveries

Etowah FiguresThe archaeological site of the Etowah Mounds is one of the largest of its kind discovered in North America thus far. I say "thus far" because of the western discoveries in Illinois near Mississippi River which has revealed extensive mounds. Indian mounds have been regarded as "burial sites", however, excavations into the mounds reveal tall buildings and temples. It appears that the main town fortress was elevated, looking down upon the village. The Etowah Mounds are measured bo be more than 300 square feet at the base and rises to a height of slightly more than 60 feet. The site includes 54 acres on the Etowah River and is located about three miles south of Cartersville. The most noticeble aspects of it are three largely visible earthen mounds, although there are more. The temple mound, is more than 300 square feet at the base and rises to a height of slightly more than 60 feet. The Etowah mounds are situated along the sides of two rectangular plazas. The mounds are shaped in the form of four-sided, flat-topped pyramids and appears to have originally served as platforms. The platform is common to other sites, also, suggesting an area of public affairs. The public buildings have rotted away, year for more than 100 years, artifacts were unearthed here. A number of archaeologists date this settlement back 300 years. The question arises, when the various Indian tribes were driven west, were the Americans aware of such expansive villages? Genealogists and historians have a number of maps which locate Indian villages, but do we realize how much culture was lost? For researchers, there is a need to discover old writings and records of the past, and how do we but what many relics are yet to be found? 

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