Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Lessons of Life Should Not be Ignored #georgiapioneers #genealogy

The Lessons of Life Should Not be Ignored

wagon drawn by oxWe are taught many subjects as we walk the path through life. Some are disheartening, sad and traumatic. Then there are those which deliver more wisdom to our poorly distressed souls. Sometimes it seems as though we are "all alone" in our adventure; however, many others have suffered trials. Although their experiences may have been different than ours, our ancestors also walked that lonely path, seeking answers. Today, as we imagine the road upon which they walked, we think of such experiences as "history." Yet, the wars they fought, the vessels which brought them to America, their struggles to survive, and religious beliefs were all a force which we, too, deal with in our time span. In other words, we are all dealt a hand to play. There are ample stories of the past waiting to be discovered. Little children love to hear family stories because it helps to assure them of their own existence. My ancestor hid in a tree when the yankee patrol came around to seize the domestic animals and other valuables. How do I think that he felt when the patrol stopped under the tree in which he was hiding and he heard the ticking of his gold pocket watch hanging from its fob? I think that his heart pounded fiercely and that he was frightened of being discovered and removed to a prison camp. We can put ourselves in "their" shows for a moment and comprehend the struggle. Perhaps this information will ease our fearful nature, and prompt us to remember that the past is riddled with hardships, much of which was chosen to bring about a better life; freedom! We ourselves did not fight the battle for freedom from Great Britain, but those who did, paid the price. Let us not forget them, and pass along the stories on to our children! So they will remember. 

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