Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Substance of our Roots #virginiapioneersnet

The Substance of our Roots

colonial timesPerhaps now is the time to discover our roots, who we truly are. There has been much division over the past twenty or thirty years or so as to how to establish equality among the classes. I laugh. No one is born equal or the same as others, yet we are told that there exists some kind of guarantee. Everyone is guaranteed freedom, salaries, health care, and on and on. It is the new mantra of the liberal, progressive, fascist socialist groups infiltrating our country. There are no historical facts to back up this elusion. From what I have seen of school books, true history is no longer taught. What we are getting is class division, racial hatred, and personal irresponsibility. This attitude might sell some of the population, especially dead-beats who refuse to own up and rise above problems. The least educated American children of the 19th century had stiffer requirements for grade passing and were better educated than today. A closer examination of our schools suggest a distortion of history, failure to communicate verbally and in letters, the lack of mathetical skills, and brain-washing. Multi-culterism, misquotes and mocking of the founding fathers and demanding a free ride is nothing short of preaching human beings how to fail. Therefore, it is incumbent upon this generation to research actual documents in National and State archives, old newspapers to find truth. There is a history out there which our ancestors measured their lives by. Perhaps not accounted for in the history books, but they were there as decent people, working for the American dream. Christopher Columbus did not rape the natives. He was a devout catholic who recorded in his personal journal (now translated into English) that he felt that he was on a mission from God. The old last wills and testaments and estates express the mind and will of the testator. Written accounts, receipts, inventories and sales reflect names of heirs, local ministers, neighbors and friends. The personal notes and purchases reveal a life-time of hard work and industry put into the building of local economies. Old church records produce baptisms and marriages and deaths of a community. Researching old records helps us to understand our family members, and the genetics of the past which uniquely designed future generations. Old photos and letters are another reflection of our own genetics, looks, personalities and emotions. 

New Additions:  Giles County Virginia Newspapers 1880 to 1912

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