Monday, August 14, 2017

17th Century Celebrations at the Gravesite #virginiapioneersnet

17th Century Celebrations: Guns Fired over the Grave
Jeannette Holland Austin flintlock

In his last will and testament, George Jordan of Surry County expressly forbade guns to be fired over his grave and directed that his executors permit no drunkenness to disgrace the occasion. In his last will and testament, he wished a good and decent funeral. This is but one of the interesting stories the genealogist learns upon examining the estate of colonials. He obtains a knowledge of the history of the area, pecular bequests, and stories to tell family members. However, it is not enough to simply read the will, one must also study every detail of the estate proceedings, from the inventories and annual returns to receipt vouchers. Source: Surry County Records, Vol. 1671-84, p. 295.  Surry County VA Genealogy Records
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