Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen of More Glamorous Times #genealogy #history #virginiapioneersnet

Ladies and Gentlemen of More Glamorous Times

colonial dressGentlemen, such as those in Williamsburg, when properly dressed, wore three-cornered cocked hats, long velvet coats, embroidered silk waistcoats with flaps weighted with lead, breeches coming only to the knees, long silk stockings, and pointed shoes adorned with large silver buckles. Stately men wore their hair powdered, a long queue hanging down the back, where it was tied with a black ribbon. The clothing was often enriched with gold and silver lace, and glittering buttons. A mass of lace ruffles adorned the wrists and flowed over the hands. The street cloak glistened with gold lace, while a gold-headed cane and a gold snuff-box confirmed the wearer's title to rank as a gentleman. Ladies of wealth wore rich heavy silk over stiff hoops, and towering hats adorned with tall feathers, with hair massed and powdered as if with snowflakes. When she slept at night, in order to preserve a hairstyle which had taken hours to implement, her neck slept on a wooden bolster. The fashions of high life were very exacting and precise for those who resided in fine city homes with heavy, rich furniture imported from England, the massive silver plate of the tables, and the choice wines. The forms of address, too, showed the social rank. The terms "lady" and "gentleman" were applied only to persons of recognized standing. Genealogists note such distinctions in colonial deed records, or the term "esquire".; The title of "Mr." was conferred only upon ministers and the officers of the law, and upon their sons if college bred. An examination of old colonial graveyards denotes the wife title as "consort", which means that her husband was prominent in society. Plantation owners out in the country dressed less formally, but always wore a peruke wig, except in the early morning when he went out with his overseer to review the workload, he wore a turbin.  Buckington Co. VA Wills and Estates

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