Monday, September 18, 2017

Irishmen Beheaded by Tories #genealogy #history #georgiapioneers

Irishman Beheaded by Tories

British SoldiersWilliam Barron Sr. was born in Ireland and emigrated to the American colonies, and settled in Warren County, Georgia. However, British soldiers were not known to be nice. Especially, when during the Revolutionary War, a group of Tories beheaded Barron and putting his head on a pole, paraded it around Augusta for three weeks. It occurred during the battle of Augusta in September of 1780. While he was lying wounded on the battlefield during a flag of truce while the dead were being removed for burial. A Tory by the name of Grayson found him and removed him to an old plaza and as soon as the Tories learned that it was Captain Barron, a large sum of money was offered for his head. An Indian did the deed. There were many horrors which occurred at the hands of british soldiers by citizens and rebels as well. The only way to learn about the hardships enduring during those years of fighting for freedom is to read old pension records of Revolutionary War soldiers. It is quite interesting to read their own words, as they describe the battles and events of the war. One begins to truly appreciate the price which our ancestors paid for the American Constitution. 

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