Saturday, September 2, 2017

Old Georgia Schools and Their Masters #georgiapioneers #genealogy

Old Georgia Schools and Their Masters

Willow Springs SchoolPlantation or field schools were used to teach children, and later, students went abroad to universities in England. Proof of this is contained in the 2-set volume of Memoirs of Georgia publicized in 1895, where families were interviewed and extensive information was provided. If you think that educational materials were lacking, you are mistaken, for the children learned all of the basics: writing, reading, arithmetic. An examination of some old report cards in the mid 20th century reveal an intense study of the most basic subjects. In fact, the required subjects of the grammar and high schools of today compare poorly. By the time that colonial children completed the most rudimentary education, they were prepared to meet all the challenges of running their own farm or plantation, from architectural skills to a complex accounting system. 
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  1. Thank you for sharing this very interesting article.

  2. I had an ancestor who taught school. In 1836, Elisha S. Kirksey was a teacher of English Education & Latin & Greek, geography, arithmetic at the Jackson Academy. (Taylor Foundation School Records).