Friday, September 22, 2017

The Children of Pride #genealogy #familyhistory #georgiapioneers

The Children of Pride 

The Children of PrideThe history which is taught in school has little to do with the actual past. Southerners were always depicted as illiterate farmers, because they grew the crops and shipped it to northern factories. However, there is over-whelming evidence that they were instead well-read, articulate ladies and gentlemen whose education far excels that of today. A "person of letters" aptly describes the proper use of verbs, nouns and pronouns, and the phraseology contained in old dairies and war letters reflects that quality families resided in remote places out in the country. The Children of Pride by Robert Manson Myers is a collection of letters written by the Jones families during the Civil War. The Jones resided on a plantation in South Georgia, in the isolated community of Midway, Georgia. Some 1200 letters were written, packed with vocabulary, style and the beauteous cursive writing. Although in a back-woods setting, the Jones family carefully reflected upon their correspondence, taking time to "keep up with their letters", as the expression goes, meaning that writing letters helped to retain grammar, vocabularity and educational skills. 

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