Friday, September 29, 2017

We are a Record-Keeping People #genealogy #georgiapioneers

We are a Record-Keeping People

Mayan CodexPictured is the Dresden Codex from the 1880 Forstemann edition. The idea that the ancients did not keep records is nonsense. The pyramids, for example, contain family histories upon the walls. The Mayans in Central America kept records on public buildings, written in hyioglyphics, but mostly untranslated. When the Spanish conquistaodrs took the gold from South America, they destroyed the written records of the Peruvians. These books included pictographs and words. It has been said that the Peruvians were a more intelligent race than the Spaniards. Only 4 books survive in the world today. Yet, the earth beneath our feet continues to yield relics and information about civilizations that we never knew existed. That is why archaeologists dig into the earth, to find real evidence of the existence of a people. For the most part, people kept records throughout history. They simply did not survive. Consider our American court house fires, and lost records. Sometimes clerks took their work home, and these later showed up in an attic, or antique shop. Old diaries and letters were hidden under floors, and in walls. Our own trash contains a whirlwind of written information about ourselves. Old churches kept registers of baptisms, births, marriages and deaths. Yet, somehow those are lost in time. During the Civil War, while the yankees  ....more.....

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