Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Legend of the Oldest Inhabitant in the Nachoochee Valley #georgiapioneers #georgia

The Legend of the Oldest Inhabitant in the Nachoochee Valley

KostoyeakIn the olden days there resided a Cherokee Indian Chief known as Kostoyeak. Renowned for his bravery and cunning, one of his most bitter enemies was one called Chonesta, or the "Black Dog," a chief of the Tennessees. In those days there was a Yemassee maiden residing in the low country thought to be the most beautiful in all the land. Numbered among her many suitors was the famous Kostoyeak and four other warriors, upon each of whom she was pleased to smile; whereupon she discarded all the others, and among them the Tennessee chief Chonesta. On returning to his own country Chonesta breathed revenge against Kostoyeak, and threatened that if he succeeded to the hand of the Yemassee beauty that the Cherokee tribe would suffer extermination. But the merits of all four rival chiefs were equal, and the Yemassee chief could not decide upon which to bestow his daughter. Kostoyeak was her favorite, and in order to secure a marriage with him, she proposed to her father that she should accept that warrior who could discover where the waters of the Savannah and those of the Tennessee took their rise in the mountains. Supposing that no such place existed the father gave his consent, and the great hunt was commenced. At the end of the first noon Kostoyeak returned to say that he had discovered a gorge now called the gap of the Blue Ridge as well as Rabun Gap; where the two great rivers "shake hands and commence their several journeys, each singing a song of gladness and freedom." Finally, the Yemassee chief was convinced that Kostoyeak told a true story, and he was, therefore, married to Yemassee. Enraged at the news,Chonesta assembled his warriors, and made war upon the whole tribe of Cherokee. But it seems that the Great Spirit was the friend of Kostoyeak, and he slew Chonesta with his own hand, thus eliminating his bravest warriors, and finally became the possessor of half the entire Tennessee valley. Years rolled on and Kostoyeak as well as his wife were buried with every Indian honor in the valley of Nacoochee, and, to perpetuate their many virtues in after years, their several nations erected over their remains the mounds which now adorn a portion of the valley where they lived. 

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