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The Old Woman and the Toccoa Falls #georgiapioneers #genealogy

The Old Woman and the Tuccoah Falls

Toccoa FallsThe Tuccoah is a very small sparkling stream in the hills of Habersham. However, on its way to the ocean, it performs one leap which has given it a reputation. For this reason, the aborigines christened it with the name of Tuccoah, or the beautiful. This cascading stream over a precipie of gray and rugged rock about one hundred and eighty-six feet high is connected to an Indian tradition. Before the Revolutionary War when the Cherokees were engaged in bitter warfare against an powerful tribe of Indians who dwelt in the country of the Potomac, they captured about a dozen of their enemies whom they brought into their own country. Their intention was to sacrifice the prisoners; but, as they wished the ceremony to be particularly imposing, on account of the fame of the captives, it was resolved to postpone the sacrifice until the following moon. In the meantime the Cherokee braves went forth to battle again, while the prisoners, now more securely bound than ever, were left in a large wigwam near Tuccoah, in the especial charge of an old woman, who was noted for her savage patriotism. Day followed day as the unfortunate enemies lay in the lodge of the old woman, she dealt out a scanty supply of food and water. Despite the fact that they encouraged the woman to release them and offered her the most valuable of Indian bribes, she held her tongue and remained faithful to her trust. One morning an Indian boy called at the door of the lodge of the old woman and told her that he had seen a party of their enemies in a neighboring valley who might be in the vicinity for the purpose of rescuing their fellows. The woman said nothing and upon re-entering the lodge another appeal for freedom was made. She smiled, telling them that she was willing to let them escape but it was on certain conditions. They gave her all of their personal effects, which she buried under the lodge. She insisted that they must depart during the dead of night. The plan was to blindfold them and lead them about two miles through a thick wood into an open country and release them. The prisoners gladly consented; and, while they removed their robes and weapons, a heavy storm cloud came overhead. At the hour of midnight loud peals of thunder bellowed through the firmament, and flashed the lightning. She placed leather bands around the eyes of her captives; and, having severed the thongs which confined their feet, bade them follow whither she might lead. They were connected with each other by iron withes; and so the woman led them to their promised freedom. Intricate, and winding, and tedious was the way; but not a murmur was uttered, nor a word spoken. Now has the strange procession reached a level spot of earth, and the men step proudly on their way. Now have they reached the precipice of Tuccoah; and, as the woman walks to the very edge, she makes a sudden wheel, and, one after the other, while the poor captives launched into the abyss below. 

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