Monday, October 30, 2017

The Reason for Monuments #georgiapioneers #genealogy

The Reason for Monuments

R. E. LeeIf you are in a historical area, is it not more convenient to read the details on a monument than to guess at what occurred on that site? The story gets changed as time passes along. Thus, the sooner the monument is erected (or story is written), the more accurate the details. Historians and genealogists want truth in their historical facts. Also, some of the earlier monuments were made with "casts". George Washington and General Robert E. Lee both had body casts made. Robert E. Lee sitting on his horse Traveller in the Virginia Park in Charlottesville is an accurate replica of the general. The timeless art of creating such statues cannot be replaced. I was thrilled when I visited Richmond and saw a true replica of Robert E. Lee as a young man on his horse, and later as an older gentleman. If such monuments are broken down or removed, that means that the truth will get perverted, and history re-written to suit spoilers and protaganonists. The purpose of remembering the valor of our ancestors as they fault for their beliefs and the part that moment played in history is important. How else can we teach our children about freedom AND how else can we correct the mistakes of the past? To learn true history, one must research their genealogy. Because people were involved in making history, all people, the little details of their lives create the "ifs, ands, and whys." George Washington was not alone when he won the war against Great Britain. Those soldiers suffering the icy winter on the Delaware River were ordinary people who took up arms for the cause of freedom. And, it was the tenacity of such people which brought about its conclusion. Everyone suffered. The soldiers. Those at home. The same is true of the Civil War. Great suffering occurred before that war, and afterwards. By planters, farmers and slaves. Everyone suffered for the cause. 

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