Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A SC Prisoner Exchanged #southcarolinapioneersnet #genealogy

A Prisoner Exchanged

musket ballsHampton Stroud of Chester County served under Captain George Wade and General Sumpter and fought at Sumpter's Battle in the Catawba. He was also at Stono's Ferry where he was severely wounded in the right hand near the wrist of the area, by the cut of a sword, and in the left shoulder, by a musket ball. That he afterwards served in Capt. John Land's company and in skirmish near the Rocky Mount in South Carolina, he was taken prisoner and put in Irons, on board of a prison ship, where he remained until the close of the War, when a general exchange of prisoners, Fort Jehu. That he served his country faithfully, in the most dangerous and perilous situations, and has suffered much from fatigue, hunger, and wounds and cruel treatment inflicted on him by the enemy. That he has never received the compensation due for his services, nor any pension either from the General, after Governments; and that he is now old and severely in need of the appurtance of his country. Source: Pension of Hampton Stroud. 

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Horry County Wills (transcripts), 1799-1818

Testators: Robert Anderson, Joseph Atwater, William Bryan, Michael Clardy, Robert Daniels, Samuel Dawsey, James Elks, John Foley, Samuel Foxworth, B. W. Gause, John Grainger Sr., Samuel Grainger, Thomas Grainger, John Hardy, Robert Jordan, William Jordan Sr., Thomas King, Daniel Kirkland, Daniel Lewis, Rachel Lewis, William Lewis, William Henry Lewis, Thomas Livingston, Robert Lowremore, David McKelduff, Daniel McQueen, Peter Nicholson, William Norton, William Parker, Arthur Pinner, William Pips, Joel Pitman, Thomas Ready, John Rogers, Richard Singleton, William Snow, Josias Tillman, Charles Vereen, William Vereen, William Waller. 

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