Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Adventurers on the High Seas #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

Adventurers on the High Seas

shipsEnglish merchants had to apply for a license to load their ships to go to Virginia. A case in point was a license issued to all of the part owners and investors in a number of vessels, via: Hopeful Luke, the Margaret, the John of Berkshire, the Cretian, the Anthony, the Brothers Adventure, the Henry & David, and the Thomas & Anne. The King took advantage of every opportunity to charge tariffs to those doing business to and from the colonies as well as the colonists themselves, who imported goods for their American homes. It all started quite early, in the early 1600's and despite the hardships suffered by colonists, continued throughout the colonial period. The seamen of that era were true and brave adventurers for their willingness to bear up against hurricanes, storms, rotting of fruits and vegetables, shipwrecks and losses due to delays in weather and other causes, is simply amazing. The investment on both sides of the Atlantic was risky. There were a lot of fires in Jamestown, and early on the colonial governor ordered that only brick houses to be constructed. Also, the colonists paid more for imported bricks, lead window panes, nails, and hewn wood materials. The colonists tore down old buildings and used the nails and plankwood for other purposes, not wasting anything. It is not uncommon to read the inventories in the old Colonial wills which inventory the plankwood count and every detail of colonial life. 

More information concerning early settlers to Virginia, their adventures and origins, is found under "Origins" and available to members of Virginia Pioneers

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