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Did a Tsunami Hit Darien? #georgiapioneers #genealogy

Did a Tsunami Hit Darien?

TsunamiCould a tsumani have struck the Atlantic coast? For years, meteorologists have project the possibilities of a future hit. In Darien, Georgia, in the area known as "the Ridge", it is believed by some that it was once struck by tsunami waves. There is so much debris there, 85 feet to be sure, that in order for a tsunami to create a debris rim that high, suggests the area must have been once struck by a wall of water at least 100 feet high. Of Course, it is possible that the wall of water could have been higher, 200 to 300, maybe even 500 feet. That means that such a deluge would have temporarily flooded most of the Coastal Plain in southeastern Georgia and northeastern Florida, killing most humans and terrestrial animals in its path. Throughout the Atlantic coastline, there remains evidence of debris walls which seem to arc inward from Florida to South Carolina. Also, there were once two narrow islands off the coast of northeast Florida which are now attached to land near St. Augustine. From all observations, the St. Johns River and the St. Augustine Bay are the vestiges of an ocean channel which once separated these islands from the Florida Peninsula. When the first European visitors explored South Carolina and Georgia, they observed a number of large lakes within the interior which were located along major rivers. Anyone who has visited Lake Ashley in South Carolina understands this large body of water as a conduit to the Atlanta Ocean. Most of the lakes, however, are now swamps and are no longer labeled on the maps as lakes. If the comet impact occurred as recently as 539 AD, these enigmatic lakes could have been created by debris dams on the rivers which later drained out.

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    This is the oldest Will Book for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records. Most of these wills were submitted for probate during the early 1870s. 

    Testators: Atkinson, George; Atkinson, Phebe; Clark, James M.; Clark, Julia H.;Coglan, Mollie; Cooke, William; Cordone, Frank; Daily, Georgia; Dunham, John; Faries, Ann Francis; Gignilliat, Robert; Handy, Jacob;Hawes, Dysander; Hilton, Thomas; Holmes, Lee; Hopkins, H.;Jackson, Hamilton;Johnson, William; Konetyko, William;Lassence, M.;McDonald, William; McIntosh, Lachlan; Miller, Rosanna; Morison, George S.;Morris, Richard L.; Patterson, Jane; Pease, T. P.; Pullen, Charlotte; Riley, William; Rostic, David;Ryals, Jabez D.;Ryals, Ruth; Sams, Lewis;Schenk, William; Sims, Lewis E. P.;Spalding, Queer; Spaulding, Thomas;Stewart, Andrew; Strain, Adam; Thomas, William Madison;Todd, Henry; Todd, Mary Ann; Tyson, Anna R.; Wallace, Martha D.;Wallace, William J.; Wilson, Samuel W.; Wilson, W. A.;Young, James M.

    Digital images of McIntosh County Estates 1887-1914

    This are the oldest Estate Records available for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records. Testators: Bromley, Theodore C.;Brown, John;Burrel, John H.;Christopher, Johann; Clark, Julia;Clark, Mary;Davis, Irvin;Dean, James;Delegal, Hamilton; Dunham, John;Faries, Ann Francis;Fennell, C. E.;Gronovald, R. T.; Hawes, Lysander; Holmes, James;Holmes, Lee;Holmes, Susan; Hunter, James;Hopkins, H.;Jackson, Janne;Jossley, John D.; Long, George W.; Malcolm, John;McDonald, Elisha;Moye, C. B.; Muller, John;O'Brien, James; Parnell, Frank;Payne, W. H.; Pinkney, Emma;Poppell, E. R.; Ryals, Jabez D.;Reid, Cato; Sinclair, E. C., Mrs.; Singleton, Richmond;Thompson, M. B.; Thorpe, Josiah;Todd, Mary Ann;Townsend, Joseph E.;Walker, Joseph A.; Wilcox, John D.;Wing, D. B.; Wooten, F. M.;Wylly, Sarah


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    • 1892 Darien City Directory.


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    • McIntosh County Cemetery Locator.

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