Sunday, November 12, 2017

"Youngdeer" - Chief in Paulding County #georgiapioneers #genealogy


YoungdeerThere was an Indian family of Tidwells who resided in Paulding County. When the Dawes Commission started accepting applications in the Court of Claims to appropriate Oklahoma lands to Indians which could prove at least 1/32nd blood, information concerning John Tidwell was written in a number of applications. Tidwell, a Cherokee, claimed that he was the son of "Youngdeer" There was an Indian, David Cordrey from Forsyth County, who died on "the trail of tears" and his name appeared on the 1835 roll. According to tradition, Cordrey was married to Sarah Tidwell, a daughter of "Youngdeer." Although all of the claims declaring descent from "Youngdeer" were rejected, the Tidwell and Cordrey families did reside in Forsyth and Paulding Counties, with certain of them traveling west during the 1890s. This means that they were absent from being on any of the earlier Indian Rolls, which we used as proof of Indian blood. However, the evidence points that Sarah Cordrey, a daughter of Thomas Cordery (born 1782, died 14 July 1842) was the wife of "Youngdeer". David Cordery was a son of Thomas Cordery who died 1842 in Forsyth County, Georgia and his wife, Susannah Sonicooie who died 1818 in Suwanee Old Town, Gwinnett County. The job of the genealogist is to search the Census, Cherokee Rolls, Chapman Rolls, Baker Rolls, etc. as well as the 35,000 applications present to the Dawes Commission records in the U. S. Court of Claims between 1906 and 1910. Some of these records are available to members of Georgia Pioneers 

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