Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Asking Relatives and Genealogists to Share Information #georgiaancestors #georgiapioneers

Asking Relatives and Genealogists to Share Information

phonebookThere is a great deal of information floating around in our breathing-space and cyperspace. It seems that just about everyone is interested in learning something about their ancestors. And, genealogy remains the #1 hobby in America! In the old days, I would collect phone books and use them to contact (by phone or letter) people having the same surnames who resided in specific regions of the country. This worked pretty good as long we shared the same common ancestor, who was (generally speaking) great-great grandparents. Too, I discovered that once I traced the family back to about 1880, I was able to match up with a lot of people working on the same lineage. Today, our most immediate resource is the internet where information is quickly gathered. Once again, however, matching the great grandparents is the fastest avenue to a satisfying result. And locating our new cousins and sharing information is delicious; herein lies the opportunity to meet these wonderful kin folks. Although, family reunions in a park or somewhere convenient still exists, we connect quite easily over social programs, such as Facebook, Google + and Linkedin whose main attributes are to host thousands of genealogy and ancestor groups where people comment and share their research effots. Just a word or two from one of these researchers could launch a new avenue of discovery! 

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