Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Census Records vs. Court House Records #gagenealogy #georgiapioneers #ancestors

Census Records vs. Court House Records

stagecoachThe census, taken every 10 years since 1790, is helpful to genealogists. However, until 1850, one does not get a complete list of the members of the family and their ages. That means that one must dig into records which go back further in time. This is done at the court house where the ancestors resided. And, because families moved about, and counties split boundaries, one must also search adjoining counties. Surprisingly, people were always moving on, in search for fertile lands. Simply being aware of the events of that era, such as wars, Indian removals, land grants, etc., helps the genealogists find the trail. There are many disappointments in the census. That is because the one who gathered the information used his own spelling and version of things. Thus, the census serves as more of a guideline to actual documents retained at the court house, signed and witnessed. 

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