Saturday, December 23, 2017

Did you Find Ancestors with DNA? #gagenealogy #georgiapioneers

Did you Find Ancestors with DNA? 

DNADNA testing is an interesting challenge these days for genealogists. I think that most people start out believing that it will help them find ancestors. However, in order for this to happen, one needs the DNA of those ancestors! While genetic testing is helful among living persons, it is unrealistic to think that the DNA of those who lived say 100 years ago is included in the DNA storage vaults. Think of it this way. In the recent past, the bones of Richard III were dug up in a parking lot in England and a DNA sample was taken. The results were interesting because analysis revealed that the DNA passed down on the maternal side matched that of living relatives, while the genetic data on the male side does not. This poses the question of illegitimacy in the Plantagent or Tudor lineage, even suggesting that Queen Elizabeth is not a legitimate heir to the throne! 

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